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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Emily Ratajkowski Just Put Kate Upton on Internet Queen Notice With This New NSFW Robin Thicke Video

 The ball is now in your court Kate Upton because make no mistake model Emily Ratajkowski just took over the internet with this blazing NSFW music video. Never mind the horrible song or Robin Thicke claiming he has a big cock (clearly he does if he has Emily frolicking around naked) Emily has planted her flag right on the internet's 50 yard line claiming it as her own. So the question now is what can Kate Upton do to reclaim her internet title for hottest girl on the planet? This is on par when Michael Jordan entered the NBA and told Magic and Bird to go fuck themselves.

 Emily is the new queen of the internet. You still have doubts? Hahaha. Check out this Carl Jr's commercial.

 Game. Set. Match.