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Monday, March 14, 2011

Great March Madness Moments in Legos had this rather brilliant recreation of March Madness moments lego-lized. I watched the "Fab 5" documentary on ESPN last night and seeing Chris Webber call the time out still makes me laugh. The guy would talk so much shit to opponents but when he failed he would just cower and not answer questions. Personally I had no problem with the Fab 5 even though they were a Michigan team. I generally liked Jalen Rose because he had a swagger and I thought the Fab 5 was great for college basketball. It's just too bad Chris Webber fucked it all up for them on the court with the idiotic timeout and off by taking money (over $250,000) and still won't answer questions or apologize for what he did. For a big man C-Webb looked like a little bitch the way he came off in the documentary. Maybe in 2013 when he is reinstated by the NCAA he will man up and admit he fucked up.

Tommy Zbikowski moves to 2-0 with 1st Round TKO

This obviously wasn't as impressive as his first professional fight 4 years ago but Baltimore Raven's safety Tommy Zbikowski still delivered a powerful left hand hook to tomato can Richard Ryant's upper chest for the first round TKO. With the NFL Lockout in full force Zibby will have a chance to fight again in less than a month. The venue will be in Atlantic City.

"As long as he is available to fight, we plan to keep him very busy, whether it's once a month, every two or three weeks," said promoter Bob Arum, a corruptible weasel who acknowledged during a 2000 federal trial that he bribed the International Boxing Federation (IBF) to attain a higher ranking for one of his scrappers.

"Our matchmakers feel he can compete at the top level in boxing as a cruiserweight, and we're going to keep him busy.”

Zibby seems up for the challenge.

"I wanted to get the ring rust off in this fight," he said. "Right now this isn't a second career for me. It's a first career."

Sorry for my absence

As you can see I'm excited to be back. Now give me your cuppy cakes!

Bring on the NCAA Tourney and Gus Johnson

Just hearing CBS Play-by-play announcer Gus Johnson scream "COLD BLOODED" gets me all tingly and hard. It's that time of the year again folks. NCAA March fucking Madness. Yesterday they announced the brackets and looking at them at first glance I don't really see anybody who got hosed. The Tourney is going to be wide open. Some of the favorites (please be Duke!) will get knocked out early and you know there will be at least a couple of Cinderella's who make it to the Elite Eight. Bring it on!