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Friday, November 29, 2013

Taiwanese Animators Do A Perfect 2013 Iron Bowl Preview

I'm sorry but I laughed out loud at the Auburn fans and AJ McCarron pissing on the tree.  Too fucking funny.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Check out all the new official Wilson Leather NCAA Game Day football we have in stock.  These are the exact same footballs that your favorite program plays with on Saturdays in the fall.  These footballs are extremely hard to get and are limited edition and also made entirely in the USA.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Florida Gators are doing great

This picture sums up your 2013 Florida Gators football team...

On Saturday the shit hit the fan again as the once mighty Florida Gators lost at home to Georgia Southern.  A Georgia Southern team which already had 4 losses and only attempted 3 passes the whole game while completing none.  And they still lost.  How Will Muschamp still has a job right now is beyond me?  Muschamp is worse than Lane Kiffin.  Not as a human being but as a coach.  There is no good reason why Florida should be 4-7 with a blowout loss coming this weekend against rival Florida State.  Don't give me the injury excuse.  You should still be able to beat a FCS team which has 30 less scholarship players on their roster at the Swamp.  Athletic director Jeremy Foley is standing by Muschamp which is not admirable in this situation.  It's going to cost him his job too.  And while I agree college football is cyclical you don't stick with a coach who has no idea how to be a great head coach when you are at a program like Florida.

Cut the fat Florida.  Or you will continue to block your own guys while losing to programs like Georgia Southern.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

College Football Gambling Locks

Bet your mortgage, kid's college tuition, wife's car, and your soul on these games today.  These are stone cold fucking locks.  Don't question it.  Just do it.

Duke -7.5 vs Wake Forest - The line opened up at -5 for Duke and has continued to move up dramatically.  Duke is for real.  Even coming off an emotional win over Miami the Dukies are looking to lock up an ACC Championship berth.  Wake Forest on the other hand is horrible.  They have been outscored 72-3 in their least 2 outings.  Duke wins big!

Prediction: Duke 40 Wake 10

Missouri -2.5 vs Ole Miss - Doesn't matter who is behind center for the Tigers, James Franklin or Maty Mauk.  They will put at least 40 points on the Ole Miss defense.  With a SEC East Championship on the line Mizzou will leave no prisoners and blow out an overrated Rebels squad.

Prediction: Mizzou 49 Ole Miss 28

Baylor -9.5 vs Okie State - Baylor is the real deal folks.  Bryce Petty and the high powered Baylor offense average over 60 points a game!  The Cowboys come in hot and at Stillwater with GameDay there should play a spirited game.  But Baylor is just too much for them to handle.

Prediction: Baylor 58 Oklahoma State 24

Wisconsin -15 vs Minnesota - The Badgers are going to run all over the Gophers.  Don't be worried about the huge spread.  Wisconsin is coming off a 51-3 pasting of Indiana last week.  The Hoosiers in my mind are on a level playing field as the Gophers so I expect another blowout.

Prediction: Wisconsin 49  Minnesota 17

Iowa -6.5 vs Michigan - Iowa had a bye week to prepare for a Wolverines team struggling big time.  With Ohio State looming next week I expect the Wolverines to sleep walk through this game.

Prediction: Iowa 28 Michigan 10

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Not Looking Good For Jameis Winston and FSU

This full statement from the alleged rape victim does not look good for the accused Jameis Winston and the Tallahassee Police Department.  As for the timing of all this, well, we know one guy who doesn't mind...

Sports Illustrated Puts AJ McCarron On The Cover and Asks If He is One of the Best Ever?

Bravo to Sports Illustrated for stirring the pot with this AJ McCarron cover.  "King Crimson" as SI prefers to call McCarron which I have never heard of or thought of asks a simple question: "Is it time to think about AJ as one of the best ever?"

Simple answer: NO.  Hell no.

With the exception of the LSU game last year in which he led a spirited 4th quarter comeback and one could argue he was horrible for the first three quarters but managed to get the ball into TJ Yeldon's hands at the right time "King Crimson" has never had to put a team on his back.  Never once.

What makes McCarron so good is not his arm, his legs, or even his decision making.  It's his supporting cast.  He literally has NFL ELITE talent all around him.  I'm not talking decent NFL prospects who could maybe make it in the NFL.  He literally has 5 offensive linemen who will all play significant minutes in the NFL who protect him.  I witnessed in person McCarron destroy Notre Dame last year in the BCS Championship.  Yes he made some great passes but he hardly got touched thanks to what is probably the greatest offensive line ever in college and Eddie Lacy running over and around ND defenders.

I'm not here to shit all over McCarron.  The kid is a good quarterback.  But he is not one of the best ever.  He will probably get his third National Title ring this January which is in itself an amazing accomplishment but let's stop right away with the greatest talk.  Nick Saban can be talked about as one of the best ever.

No one even bothers bringing up McCarron's name when it comes to the Heisman Trophy.  Which the last time I checked is suppose to go to the "most outstanding player in the country."  Why is McCarron not mentioned?  Because it's not worth the argument.

Johnny Manziel and Jameis Winston are younger with less talent around them and they still blow away McCarron when it comes to elite quarterback talent.  Right now I wouldn't even put McCarron in my top 5 QB's in the nation despite him being a senior and his resume of two titles.  Oregon's Marcus Mariota and Baylor's Bryce Petty are having better seasons and getting more Heisman pub.  Louisville's Teddy Bridgewater and Fresno's Derek Carr are better talents than McCarron.  Just because McCarron plays on some great teams like a Gino Torretta, a Chris Weinke, a Ken Dorsey, or even a Matt Leinart does not make him a "best ever" worthy player.

But let's not continue to shit all over the McCarron name.  It's not worth it.  Because the only thing best in his family is his mom's rack.  And no one, I mean no one, can argue about Dee Dee Bonner's greatness.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Foot Locker Wins The Greatest Commercial of the Year Award With This "All is Right" Spoof

Dennis Rodman one way trip to North Korea?  One can only imagine.

Mike Tyson returning Evander Holyfield's ear?  Makes sense.

Craig Sager burning his awful wardrobe?  A dream come true.

Foot Locker hit a walk-off grand slam with this classic "All is Right" commercial.  I haven't stepped foot in one of their stores in years but after seeing this great commercial I might acknowledge their existence the next time I'm strolling through the mall while MILF watching.

Michigan State Spartans Schutt XP Chrome Helmets For Sale

You got to love the CHROME!  These are the brand new Michigan State Spartans Chrome Helmets made by Schutt.  We got the mini helmets, full size replica XP, and full size authentic XP helmets on our Store Page.

Sparty wore these sweet helmets this past week when they destroyed Nebraska in East Lansing.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Stevie Has Been Absolutely Hilarious This Season on Eastbound and Down

Stevie and Kenny Powers gotta have their FIXINGS!  Taters N Tits is such a genius move.  It's like the creator of SnapChat who just turned down $3 billion.  I mean who wants $3 billion when you can hold out for so much more.  Pure genius right?

Anywho Stevie has been fucking spot on all season on Eastbound and Down.  The contacts and fake chin just add to his mystique.  Stevie is basically the Scottie Pippen to Kenny Power's Michael Jordan.  The Lou Gehrig of his generation you could say.  Stevie is under the radar fucking hysterical.  Because make no mistake Eastbound and Down isn't winning without Stevie.  But even Stevie the loser he is portrayed to be can only take so much from Kenny...

Here are some more highlights of Stevie Janowski....Season 4 MVP no doubt.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I Wonder What Michael Jordan Thinks of Maple Jordan Andrew Wiggins

There is your answer.  His airness Michael Jordan is more worried about beer pong than Andrew Wiggins.  Wiggins aka "Maple Jordan" was spectacular last night in his first prime time TV performance vs Duke.  Maple Jordan was 9-for-15 from the field while scoring 22 points and grabbing 8 rebounds.  Kansas held on to beat Duke 94-83 despite another elite freshman superstar named Jabari Parker going off for Duke with 27 points.

With Wiggins, Parker, Julius Randle of Kentucky, Wayne Selden of Kansas, and Aaron Gordon of Arizona all making huge impacts as freshmen I honestly can't think of a class more exciting than this one in recent basketball history.

Maybe now we will actually pay attention to college basketball before college football is over.  This season at least appears worth it.  Tons of legit diaper dandies and 5-6 upper echelon programs with shots at the National Title.

Picture via TheBigLead

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

For Some Reason The Braves Didn't Tell Dan Uggla Of The Impending Move

No idea why.  Apparently BJ Upton missed the memo too.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Steve Spurrier Will Replace Will Muschamp At Florida Soon

The uber talented Florida Gators now have a gravely record of 4-5 after suffering their 4th straight loss, this time to Vanderbilt.  Fucking Vandy crushed them.  Head coach Will Muschamp has to be gone.  Best case scenario is they go 5-7 because there is no way they beat South Carolina or FSU to finish the season.  Which leads us to Spurrier.  He's coming for you Muschump.  He wants your soul.  He needs it.  He feeds off it.  Dead man walking in Gainesville.

Is Florida even a top 10 team in the SEC?  I can make a good argument they are not.  Back in the day you couldn't find more than 3 teams in the whole nation better than the Gators.  Now they aren't even top 10 in their own conference.  Fucking pathetic.

1. Alabama
2. Mizzou
3. Auburn
4. Texas A&M
5. South Carolina
6. LSU
7. Ole Miss
8. Vanderbilt
9. Georgia
10. Tennessee
11. Florida
12. Mississippi State
13. Kentucky
14. Arkansas

Atlanta Braves Announce Shocking Move To Cobb Galleria/Cumberland Mall Area

First initial reaction: Holy Shit.

Second reaction: I love it.

I've been an Atlanta Braves fan since my family moved down south from Maryland back in the early 80's.  I used to go to games in the old Fulton County Stadium when there were only a couple of thousand people in attendance.  I've also been to sold out games there in the early 90's and have enjoyed games at the Ted since 1997.  But the game day atmosphere and surrounding area is fucking horrible.  I'm sorry to burst your bubbles fellow Braves fan but it just is.  Go to Camden Yards or Wrigley Field or Fenway Park or Petco Park or St. Louis or Coors Field or even San Francisco.  There is actually stuff to do around the stadium like visit a pub or a store and enjoy the game day atmosphere without fear of being mugged.  Yes even in Baltimore you are less likely to be mugged around Camden Yards than Turner Field.  This is a very smart move by the Braves.

Also since 2004 I've lived over in the Vinings/Smyrna area until recently moving to Alpharetta (two weeks ago).  The Braves will move there in 2017 and there are plenty of amenities, restaurants, and daily activities to do in the Cobb Galleria area instead of just seeing a ball game.  Attendance should go up dramatically not only because it's a new stadium but it's a lot more convenient to get to for people looking to buy season tickets.  Look the commute to the current stadium sucks.  And yes traffic all around metro Atlanta blows but I guarantee you will have a lot more people in attendance from the Kennesaw, Woodstock, Alpharetta, Roswell, East Cobb areas that are so vital to bringing in money for the Braves organization.  It's a business move for sure and it's a smart one.

It will be sort of difficult to say good bye to The Ted especially since it's only 16 years old (opened in 1997).  But there is nothing really unique or homely in regards to it currently.  Camden Yards, Wrigley, Fenway, Petco, etc all have unique features that make it feel like it's a part of history and the community.  The Ted always felt out of place in my opinion.  It was originally built as the Olympic Stadium and converted to the Braves home one year after.  It just never felt like a stadium where you could build fond family memories.  Honestly I was always worried about leaving after dark with my daughter in tote.

Now I just can't wait till 2017 to see the new stadium.  Hopefully the Braves do it up right and make it look like a Camden Yards or a Wrigley Field and not that monstrosity in South Florida. Don't make it bigger than 40K in seats and have plenty of parking around it. You got to have a designated "tailgating area" with grass and tables. Make it warm and inviting and not like a concrete jungle.  The good news if you don't want to tailgate or eat at the new ballpark you can walk from plenty of restaurants such as Cinco's, PF Changs, Hooters, Maggiano's, Stoney River, Tilted Kilt, etc.

 What are your thoughts on the Braves moving out of Atlanta?

For more info on the Braves move into a new stadium in 2017 visit their website HOMEOFTHEBRAVES.COM

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Maple Jordan Basketball Shirts Now Available For Sale!

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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Some New Custom and Rare Notre Dame and Oregon Helmets In Our Store

We got a couple of new items in stock.  The first one is the new Schutt Notre Dame Authentic Full Size  XP helmets with the new gold.  They also have the brand new metallic gold facemask.  These are the same helmets the players wear.  Comes with the same padding inside, chinstrap and has the American Flag sticker on the back.  

Also we got the 2013 Shamrock Series desk caddy.  These are just like the regular Shamrock Series mini helmets but they have containers on top to put utensils, pens and business cards.  This is a very cool item perfect for any desk or office.

Also in stock is the new Oregon Lightning Mini Helmet.  Very sharp looking and a perfect present for the upcoming holidays.

Last but certainly not least is the Oregon Liquidmetal Mini Helmet.  They don't get much cooler than this mini helmet.

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Tuesday, November 05, 2013


We are finally back!  We had to move the SportsCrack headquarters up to the burbs and in the meantime AT&T U-Verse kept throwing us devastating Navy chop blocks to the back of our legs with delays reaching a month for service.  So we threw a hail mary over to Comcast and the fuckers came down with the catch.  Thank God.  I started questioning my own sexuality being in the dark so long.  I felt like I was in solitary coming off a heroin addiction.  You question everything in life when you don't have cable or internet for over two weeks.  I wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy.  Actually I would.  Michigan you can have it.

Anyways I'm starting to catch up with my college football.  I missed a couple of key games but I managed to read up on them.  Here are my top 10 teams.

1.  Bama - Until the champ goes down you have to put them up at the top.  I know people are already starting to bitch and moan about their schedule being too easy but it really it isn't.  It's just that Bama is that fucking good.  They get LSU this week which should give them their biggest challenge yet.

2.  Oregon - The Ducks were off last week to prepare for their HUGE Thursday night game vs Stanford.  Last year the Nerds beat them 17-14 in Eugene on their way to a PAC-12 Championship.  This year Scoregon will be looking to get some revenge in Palo Alto.

3.  FSU - Famous Jameis and the Semenholes look like the FSU of old.  They got their swagger back and have run over two...clears throat..."Top 10" teams in convincing fashion.  I don't see them losing another game this season unless Winston gets hurt.  Yes, the Seminoles are back.

4.  Ohio State - Urban Meyer still has not lost a game in Columbus and he probably won't all season.  The only problem is their schedule is the fattest piece of cake you will ever consume for a major BCS conference team.  They are going to need a lot of help to leap into the top 2 of the BCS Standings.

5.  Baylor - The Bears are my Cinderella team.  I'm pulling for them big time.  I couldn't even tell you where Baylor is located on the map of Texas but I do know their offense is right up there with the best in the nation behind the gun slinger Bryce Petty.  They get Oklahoma this Thursday.  Win it and there is a great chance they leapfrog Ohio State in the standings.

6.  Stanford - I still can't believe this team lost to fucking Utah.  The Utes?  Good lord.  They had one bad game and still had a chance to win it so I got them up in the rankings as the best one-loss team.  They get a chance to defend their PAC-12 title this Thursday with Marcus Mariota and Oregon coming into Palo Alto.

7.  Missouri - Mizzou is right there with Stanford in my opinion.  They had no business losing to South Carolina.  They fucking choked.  Still kills me because I was hoping to see two undefeated teams battle in the SEC Championship for a right to the BCS Title.  The Tigers did bounce back big time last week with a convincing win vs Tennessee.  They should destroy Kentucky on Saturday.

8.  Auburn - Besides Mizzou these Tigers are the biggest surprise in the SEC.  Last year they struggled to go 3-9.  This year they are sitting at 8-1 with winnable games vs Tennessee and Georgia before the Iron Bowl.  Head coach Gus Malzahn has done a remarkable job.

9.  Michigan State - They held Michigan to -48 yards.  Hilarious.  The nation's most stout defense has only one loss on their resume (tough road game at Notre Dame) and are sitting in a great spot to win the "Legends" division of the Big Ten and face Ohio State in the championship game.  Could they somehow squeeze into the National Title discussion?  No but it is fun watching them dominate teams with their defense.

10.  Texas A&M - Yes I know they got two losses but both of the games they could have won.  I also think they would destroy Miami and Clemson so I can't honestly put those teams over the Aggies in the rankings despite have one less loss.  Johnny Football can sign off on this ranking.