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Monday, March 04, 2013

Kobe Bryant Asks Josh Smith "How Does My Greatness Taste?" With A Posterizing Dunk

So Josh Smith wants a max contract eh?  Sounds good.  I also want to go balls deep in Kate Upton but guess what?  It isn't happening.  Not now.  Not in the future.  Not ever.  Trust me because every time I remove the duct tape from Kate's mouth she insists on screaming and crying.  I can't stand crying.  Such a turnoff.

In other words Kobe Bryant still has it and Josh Smith will never get it.

The Golf Boys Are Back With "2.0h" Music Video

One thing I love about athletes, or in this case golfers, are ones that don't take themselves too seriously. You're playing a sport not solving the national debt crisis.  Have some fun while you are making millions right?  Well clearly the Golf Boys are having a great time.  Whether it be "Flat Bills" Rickie Fowler, Bubba "Button Up" Watson, Hunter "Grizzly Beard" Mahan, or Ben "Going Insane Kaw-Kaw" Crane you know these guys are not uptight pricks like Tiger and Phil.

Apparently Rory couldn't make an appearance in the video.  He was too busy nursing his "tooth ache" while quitting in the middle of a round.  That's a bitch move Rory.  Go eat some Lucky Charms and tighten that shit up.

Via Ben Crane