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Monday, March 01, 2010


Great game yesterday as Team Canada survived in OT to beat Team USA 3-2 in what was the pinnacle of a great Winter Olympics. Sure Canada won the last gold medal but overall we had the most medals with 37...a whooping 11 more than America's Hat. It feels good to beat down them down in their own country. I'm about 100% positive Obama made an executive decision to let Canada win in their most cherished sport in hockey. It's all those people got up there besides igloos, polar bears, Celine Dion, and socialized health care.


If you want to talk about how to play smart basketball then go no further than this Jason "Smack my bitch up" Kidd highlight from Friday night. Kidd not only had a remarkable triple-double with 19 points, 16 boards and 17 assists against the Hawks but he also made a heads up play late in the fourth quarter by taking advantage of the Atlanta Hawks main weakness: head coach Mike Woodson. Woodson must have thought he was Pete Carroll roaming the sidelines with the amount of slack the refs were giving him in terms of calls and on-field interference. Instead of ignoring Woodson's dumbass Kidd merely stuck out an arm while running into Woodson while he was out on the court. As you may know the coaches aren't allowed to be on the court while the game is being played thus Woodson drew the technical foul. In the fourth period. Cost them a point and possession late. Brilliant.

The Mavs eventually won in overtime 111-103 and proved to the rest of the world that Woodson may be the one person who can beat the Hawks come playoff time. Woodson of course looked like a complete jackass by arguing the call and yelling at Kidd. Players need to do this more often. Last year I couldn't help but notice how often Pete Carroll was literally 5-15 yards on the field during plays while yelling at the players and refs. My hope was Charlie Weis would notice this and call a play in his direction in order to take him out. Never happened but then again we know why Charlie didn't last past year 5 in his head coaching experience. I would have loved to see Pete The Cheat taken out by Golden on an out pattern.