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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Michigan State's New Football Facilities Look Incredible

Just a year after coming off their best season in 40 plus years Michigan State revealed to the public their new football facilities which will hopefully keep them near the top in the Big Ten.

 The new locker room looks cozy...

Today was MSU’s turn to show off a sparkling athletics facility, a $24.5 million, 50,000-square-foot renovation to the north end zone of Spartan Stadium anchored by a plush, spacious home locker room. The 15-month project was under way long before the Spartans won last season’s Rose Bowl, though that on-field success likely served to encourage donors.

It may not put MSU out front of that portion of the never-ending college sports “arms race,” but it eliminates the last glaring weak spot in MSU’s facilities roster — a decades-old locker room that was “an embarrassment,” MSU deputy athletic director Greg Ianni said.

Now if only we can find the secret trap door for Mark Dantonio's hidden stash of hookers for the incoming recruits.  My guess is the National Championship Trophy sets off the hidden door.  The good thing is none of the current Spartans will enjoy touching it.