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Thursday, May 28, 2009


-Everyone knows Carlos Zambrano is a hot head. The guy melts down faster than an ice cube on the Devil's dick. I think Zambrano was just doing his best Kenny Powers impression. He was obviously inspired by Kenny's words of wisdom such as "You're fucking out!" Look, Zambrano had a right to be angry because he thought he tagged the runner out. Replays showed the runner might have just gotten in before the tag was applied. It doesn't matter. I love to see baseball players get fired up. It shows they have heart and want to win. And don't worry about that little bump they talked about. The umpire bumped into Zambrano. One other thing we found out about Zambrano after this freak out: he prefers Powerade.

-What the fuck are the Atlanta Braves doing? Have you seen their outfield production? Oh yeah, you haven't because there is none. Jordan Schafer has no right whatsoever to be in the major leagues right now. But yet everyday Bobby Cox trots him out to centerfield for his obligatory 3-4 K's a game. The kid is so overmatched right now it's not even funny. He can't hit an inside curveball to save his life and yet hitting coach Terry Pendleton has done nothing to correct his swing or position in the box to help him. If he can't be helped in Atlanta he needs to be sent down. Same with Jeff Francoeur. Frenchy is terrible at the plate. I love his arm and defense in the outfield but the guy just hasn't adjusted to major league pitching. Maybe Bobby Cox knows something that I don't but I can not for the life of me see these guys make drastic improvements. The Braves offense is anemic because of Frenchy, Schafer, and Garrett Anderson. GM Frank Wren needs to make a move to get a power bat for the outfield. The Braves have the pitching to compete with anybody but they can't score any runs. Or maybe they need to fire Pendleton. If I were the Braves GM I would fire Pendleton, send Schafer down, and trade Frenchy plus some other spare pitching parts(Charlie Morton, Medlen, etc.) for a proven slugger. Matt Holliday could be available. The Orioles are willing to listen to offers for Aubrey Huff. Make some phone calls Wren. Turn this team around.

-Zack Greinke is reminding me of Pedro Martinez when he first appeared in Boston. Zack Attack is almost untouchable right now when he steps on the mound. I actually expect him to throw a no-hitter this year. We are already almost a third of the way through the season and his ERA is still below 1.00. He has 5 complete games. If this guy pitched for one of the East Coast teams he would be considered the greatest pitcher ever. Well, it doesn't matter because he is pitching in KC and bringing back the fans to Kauffman. I want to see the Royals compete for their division almost as badly as I want to watch Greinke pitch. The loyal Royals fans who have stuck by their team deserve it.


We got a brand new shirt called The Freak in honor of Tim Lincecum. Lincecum has been lights out this season after dominating the National League last season in winning his first Cy Young. Affectionately called "The Freak" by teammates and fans, now you can wear the shirt to support your favorite player. The shirt has a distressed design to give it a vintage look and feel to it.