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Monday, September 10, 2012

Arkansas Razorbacks fans are fucking nuts

This lady masturbates to a Tyler Wilson doll every night. I'm convinced. Holy shit. I feel embarrassed for the Pig Sooie Razorback hat. What did it ever do to be subjected to be on this crazy ladies head?

Florida Gator Cheerleaders Not Impressed With Texas A&M

Don't worry Aggie fans. I wasn't impressed with the Florida cheerleaders either. Not only is the talent down with the players in the pads for Will Muschamp's crew but these cheerleaders have to be on the C squad. How does a cheerleader have a gut? She's probably carrying Muschamp's love child who can already run a 4.7 40.

Trent Richardson Blows Up Kurt Coleman

I've been watching this gif of Browns rookie Trent Richardson absolutely destroying the Eagles Kurt Coleman for about 20 minutes this morning. It's beautiful. It's football perfectly captured within 2 seconds. I'm kinda tearing up just looking at it.

Via TheBigLead