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Sunday, December 12, 2010


I don't usually get too pissed off at sports, actually never mind I do, but this shit really irritated me. How in the fuck does this Jets assistant coach have the balls to pull a stunt like this? He should be castrated and kicked out of the country. Not only is this embarrassing to the Jets but it's a fucking disgrace. I hope the Jets go down the shitter and lose the rest of the way. Plus those dickheads cost me a clean sweep on my NFL picks today. If you are going to cheat so blatantly at least win the fucking game and help out my pockets. Fucking dicks!


Just a wild guess here but I don't think they will be playing football tomorrow at the Metrodome.


Today is a great day to make some money on the NFL. We are getting down to the final stretch of the season towards the playoffs and teams are jockeying for home field advantage. Right now the Patriots and the Falcons are sitting in the driver's seat and will not be letting up because they know one slip up could cost them home field. That is why I am betting big on two road teams who just happen to be leading the NFL Power Rankings according to

These odds come courtesy of our friends at NFL ODDS at BetUS:

New England Patriots (-3) at Chicago Bears
Yes I know the Patriots are coming off a short week after dismantling the Jets on Monday Night Football 45-3 and the Bears have had the extra day of rest but Tom Brady is going to carve up the Bears secondary. The Bears have been playing above and beyond this whole season and I think we are due for one of those Jay Cutler WTF was he thinking days when he throws about 3 picks. Take the Pats on the road.
Prediction: Patriots 28 Bears 17

Atlanta Falcons (-7) at Carolina Panthers
On paper this is a total mismatch and if it was in the Georgia Dome the Falcons would be favored by 15 points. The Falcons come in at 10-2 and like I said before they are not going to let up knowing they are almost unbeatable when it comes to their home field which they still need to clinch. The Panthers on the other hand are awful at 1-11 and have a rookie QB in Jimmy Clausen who might be having one of the worst statistical NFL seasons for a QB. The Falcons will come in focused and will punish the Panthers big time.
Prediction: Falcons 34 Panthers 13

Miami Dolphins at New York Jets (-5)
The Jets were humiliated Monday Night. It was a wakeup call for Rex Ryan and his team. They still have an outside chance of gaining a home game in the playoffs but they have to continue to win. The Dolphins have been a thorn in their side for decades but I don't think they will put up much of a fight.
Prediction: Jets 27 Dolphins 17