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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Justin Tuck's New Facemask

Justin Tuck's newest facemask looks like something Tom Hardy's character Bane will wear in the new Batman movie. I'm presuming there is some logical reason behind the extra bars other than trying to look menacing. Is to keep offensive tackles hands and/or fingers from grabbing his helmet by the mask? Or is Tuck trying to lure Bruce Wayne out of his batcave?

LA Kings Captain Dustin Brown Said A Naughty Word After Winning the Stanley Cup

In the immortal words of LA Kings captain Dustin Brown: "IT'S WHY WE FUCKING PLAY!" Yep. To drink out of Lord Stanley's Cup you can pretty much say whatever you want. Congratulations go out to the Kings who won their first Stanley Cup in their 44 year history. It must feel good to be champs. Hell it must feel good to still have a team.

Via AwfulAnnouncing

Erin Andrews Looks Like She Got Some Work Done

Bravo Erin Andrews. You go from Atlanta Thrashers intermission reporter to ESPN sideline princess to leaked nude hotel pictures to Dancing with the Stars and now you've upgraded the girls. Hey I'm not complaining. If someone ones to make themselves look better than so be it. But I don't want hear a denial when some reporter asks if she has gotten work done. Just be honest. It's all for the publicity right? I got your back Erin.

The Bell Dozer Shirt

The newest t-shirt is called "The BellDozer." With college football season just around the corner this is a must have. Order your shirt today!