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Monday, October 10, 2016

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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Heisman Watch: Week 5

We had some major shuffling going on within our Heisman Watch list.  The top guy, Lamar Jackson,  still remains in the lead but there are plenty of players closing the gap.

1) Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville - Despite the close loss on the road in Death Valley "Action Jackson" still remains in the lead because he was the better quarterback over Deshaun Watson.  Running for 162 yards and 2 scores while throwing for nearly 300 against a very good Clemson defense Jackson came just short of the win when his receiver was pushed out a yard short of a first down in the waning moments down near the Clemson goal line.  Jackson appears to be the most electric college quarterback since Michael Vick and will get the chance to pad his stats this week vs Duke.

2) J.T. Barrett, QB, Ohio State - Barrett broke Bobby Hoying's Ohio State record for career touchdown passes (59) in a rout of Rutgers.  Barrett threw for 4 TDs and averaged over 9 yards a carry while leading a balanced Buckeyes offense.  He takes on Indiana this week so he will get another chance to make his season stats look better on paper for the voters.

3) Greg Ward, QB, Houston - Ward threw for a career high 389 yards vs UCONN while also completing over 84% of his passes.  Accounting for nearly 450 yards and 5 touchdowns with no turnovers bumps Ward up 2 spots and into the top 3 for the undefeated Cougars.

4) Jake Browning, QB, Washington -  I'll be the first to say I underestimated Browning and Washington going into their Friday night battle vs Stanford last week.  Browning was basically perfect as he threw for 3 TDs while completing over 70% of his passes and zero turnovers in a decisive rout of Stanford 44-6.  For the undefeated Huskies Browning has accounted for 18 total TDs while only turning it over twice all season.  With his performance he is now the leader over Christian McCaffrey in the PAC 12 conference.

5) Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson - Welcome back to the top 5 Deshaun.  Watson led the Tigers to a huge ACC home win vs Louisville in prime time.  Despite the 3 interceptions,  Watson threw for 5 TDs and a season high 305 yards.  With Clemson still undefeated and leading the ACC Watson will still need to get some help from other teams because guys like Jackson, Barrett, Ward and Browning are all having better seasons for title contenders.

6) Christian McCaffrey, All Purpose, Stanford - Tough game for McCaffrey as Washington loaded 8, sometimes 9 guys in the box and punished Stanford throughout.  For the second week in a row McCaffrey was held to no touchdowns running or receiving.  He falls out of the top 5 for the first time all season and could be looking at a tough battle to even get invited back to NYC at this point.

7) Donnel Pumphrey, RB, San Diego State - Pumphrey did all that he could rushing for over 150 yards and a score but the Aztecs lost to South Alabama.  He's not out of the race by any means but from here on out he's going to need to put up crazy stats to keep him in the conversation because he plays on the west coast for an unranked non power 5 team.

8) Mitch Trubisky, QB, North Carolina - Trubisky earned his way onto the top 10 Heisman Watch list by leading North Carolina to a huge win over FSU.  With the win UNC is now in the lead for the Coastal division.  Trubisky threw for over 400 yards for the third consecutive week.  For the season he has zero turnovers while accounting for 17 total touchdowns.

9) Derek Barnett, DL, Tennessee - Barnett just put himself into the conversation for best defensive end in the nation along with Texas A&M's Myles Garrett.  Barnett was basically unstoppable vs Georgia with two sacks and a forced fumble.  The win keeps the Vols undefeated going into College Station this week to take on Garrett and the undefeated Aggies.

10) Jabrill Peppers, LB, Michigan - Peppers led a spirited Wolverines defense to a near shutout of #8 Wisconsin in a huge home win.  As I have mentioned before as long as Michigan stays undefeated Peppers will get Heisman talk.

Dropped out: Myles Garrett, DL, Texas A&M; Patrick Mahomes, QB, Texas Tech

Matt Fairchild grew up a fan of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Baltimore Orioles, Atlanta Braves and Atlanta Falcons.  In other words he has a sports team problem on top of his drinking problem.  Displaying a loyal, never-ending-love for his teams despite their consistent struggles to return to their "glory days" only shows the insane ramblings that permeate his controversial sport writings.  Fairchild started in 2005 where you can find great t-shirts and sports merchandise.  See more of his work at UHND.  He can be reached at or on Twitter @sportscrack

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

ESPN 30 for 30: Catholics vs Convicts - Trailer Released

Oh man if this little tease of ESPN's 30 for 30: Catholics vs Convicts doesn't get the hair standing up on the back of your neck then you are not a die hard college football fan.  And you should probably leave because you won't get it.

"Catholics vs Convicts" were some of the all-time great battles between two programs who genuinely hated each other: Notre Dame and Miami.  It's been almost 30 years since these two programs faced off in two epic clashes in South Bend in 1988 and 1990 (Notre Dame wins) and will be revived this year at Notre Dame Stadium.

Unfortunately only one program is living up to their this season as Notre Dame has struggled to a 2-3 record after starting the season 10th ranked preseason.  Meanwhile Miami, under first-year coach Mark Richt, is off to a 4-0 start and a #10 ranking.

But throw out the records because we all know this will be a spirited, hard fought gridiron battle on October 29th.  Two of the nation's best college QBs and future 1st round picks Deshone Kizer and Brad Kaaya will face off in what should be a high scoring battle which could very well end with whomever has the last possession.

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Monday, October 03, 2016

Watch this Georgia Fan go from nervous to ecstatic only to fall into football comatose while breaking his TV

Just a full range of emotions that only college football can pull out of one's soul.  To see this die-hard Georgia fan break his flat screen out of excitement because Jacob Eason "Christ" threw the best pass of his life for what was a then winning touchdown only to go silent after the Dawgs couldn't prevent Tennessee's Joshua Dobbs Hail Mary pass from landing into a creamsicle jersey at the end.  Heartbreak city.  Population: Dawgs fans.

Don't cry Dawgs fans.  At least the Atlanta Falcons beat Cam Newton and the Panthers.  So you got that going for you.

HT: For The Win

Mark Richt Trolls UGA With a Classic Hail Mary Tweet

Hands down the most savage tweet this college football season.  Miami Hurricanes new coach and ex-UGA head coach Mark Richt seemed to take Georgia's last second loss to rival Tennessee in stride by firing off a Hail Mary tweet.  Saint Richt is a holy man, a man of God as they say down in the South, so I'm sure he wishes only the best things for the University of Georgia program.  A program who fired him.  Fired him for only winning 10 games a season.  

Let's look up and see how Richt is doing in Miami.  Goes to google and oh wow.  The Hurricanes are undefeated and now ranked in the top 10 in the nation.  Good move Dawgs.  Good move.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hire Tom Herman Shirts in LSU, USC and Notre Dame Colors Now Available to Purchase

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TCU Reveals Black Football Helmets for Oklahoma Game

Carson Wentz Spent His Off Week Hunting in North Dakota and Scoring His First Buck

Tim Tebow Hits Home Run in First Pro At-Bat

I was one of the first of many to doubt Tim Tebow and this whole pursuit of a baseball career.  But in his first at-bat and even the first pitch he saw Tebow took a fastball and knocked it over the left centerfield fence.  I don't care who you or what competition you are facing that's impressive.  Maybe Tebow does have a chance to make the Mets in the future and not just keep himself in the reality spotlight.

Heisman Watch: Week 4

Lamar Action Jackson Shirt

Not much has changed 4 weeks into the season with our top 5 including the leader at the top of the watch list.
1) Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville - A week after the statement game vs FSU saw Action Jackson again put up insane numbers vs the Thundering Herd of Marshall.  7 total touchdowns (5 passing, 2 running)  pushed his total season to 25 which is more than every team in college football except one.  He gets another chance to widen his Heisman lead this week in Death Valley with College Game Day there.

2) Christian McCaffrey, RB, Stanford - Not a great game for McCaffrey vs UCLA in primetime after being hyped up all week by ESPN on all platforms.  He didn't score a TD for the first time this season but still managed to rush for 138 yards in a huge come-from-behind victory vs UCLA.  McCaffrey will get a chance to prove himself yet again in a primetime matchup vs Washington, a top 10 oppenent, on Friday Night.
3) Donnel Pumphrey, RB, San Diego State - Bye week for the nation's leading rusher.
4) J.T. Barrett, QB, Ohio State - Bye week for the Buckeyes as they prepare themselves for Rutgers.
5) Greg Ward, QB, Houston - Completed 20 of 26 passes for 289 yards and added another 39 yards on the ground plus another TD in a 64-3 win vs Texas State.  Ward only played 3 quarters and is still nursing a bum throwing shoulder.
6) Jake Browning, QB, Washington - Welcome to the watch list Mr. Browning!  Browning led the undefeated Huskies to a thrilling overtime win vs Arizona with this incredible block of all plays...

This season Browning is completing over 70% of his passes with 14 TDs and only two turnovers.  He leads all PAC 12 QBs in passing efficiency and will get to throw his hat into the top 5 Heisman watch list with a big game Friday night vs undefeated Stanford.
7) Patrick Mahomes, QB, Texas Tech - Bye week for the Texas Tech gunslinger.
8) Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson - Reluctantly I'm putting in Watson in the top 10 list even though he hasn't earned it this season.  Watson is by far having his worst collegiate season and if you look at his progression his numbers have gotten gradually worse from his dynamite freshman and sophomore seasons.  But he's still the QB of the undefeated Clemson Tigers and led them to an impressive road win vs Georgia Tech.  This week he gets a chance to shine as Louisville and Lamar Jackson come to town looking to knock them off for the ACC conference and Heisman watch list lead.

9) Myles Garrett, DL, Texas A&M - Didn't get a sack but he had a key fumble recovery and a huge tackle for loss in a statement win vs Arkansas for the undefeated Aggies.  He leads the Aggies in tackles for loss and sacks.
10) Jabrill Peppers, LB, Michigan - As long as Michigan stays undefeated and Peppers is returning punts he will stay in the top 10 list.  He wasn't outstanding defensively by any means vs Penn State but he was 5 yards away from a punt return for a TD because he tripped over his own feet.  This week he will get to move up the list with a big game vs undefeated and top 10 team Wisconsin visiting the Big House.
Dropped out: Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU; Deshone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame
Matt Fairchild grew up a fan of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Baltimore Orioles, Atlanta Braves and Atlanta Falcons.  In other words he has a sports team problem on top of his drinking problem.  Displaying a loyal, never-ending-love for his teams despite their consistent struggles to return to their "glory days" only shows the insane ramblings that permeate his controversial sport writings.  Fairchild started in 2005 where you can find great t-shirts and sports merchandise.  See more of his work at UHND.  He can be reached at or on Twitter @sportscrack

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dodger's Don't Look At Me Shirts Now Available for Sale #DONTLOOKATME

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Miami Hurricane's Adidas Retro Throwback Jerseys vs FSU and Virginia Tech are Fire

 Not only does Mark Richt have Miami undefeated at 3-0 but now he has his players going back to the classic 80's/90's retro jersey he used to wear when he was a quarterback.  I absolutely love the look.  I'm not a Hurricanes fan but these jerseys are awesome.  It's a classic look that still fits with today's game.

This MadBum vs Yasiel Puig Baseball "Fight" Shows How Delicate Ballplayers Feelings are these days

Madison Bumgarner and Yasiel Puig are two ball players who tend to wear their emotions on their sleeves.  Last night in a huge divisional matchup they displayed how fragile each of their feelings are.

This emotional outburst just shows you that baseball players can be giant pussies.  MadBum and Puig stared each other down after a weak ground out.  How dare you stare at me!

I mean come on guys.  Get laid or stop doing PEDs.  Just calm the fuck down.

And while I agree it's good to see some emotion in baseball these emotional outbursts are on par with a kid not getting the candy bar he wants.  Wahhh I don't want you to look at me anymore!

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Monday, September 19, 2016

The One Highlight from ND vs Sparty Game: This Older Notre Dame Fan Twerking with a College Coed

Instead of diving into the shit show Notre Dame football displayed Saturday night vs Michigan State let's look at the highlight from a great tailgating video.  This "older gentleman" is clearly reliving his ole college glory days with a young college lassie.

Twerk Like A Champion Today!

Georgia Fan Overreacts Slightly To Thrilling Mizzou Win, Lands himself in Hospital

I would say this Georgia fan is a complete idiot but then I would be a hypocrite.  This is what college football passion is all about.  If you can't get jacked up for a last minute, game-winning touchdown pass from your freshman QB Jacob Eason to move to 3-0 on the young season then you aren't a real fan.

You know why this UGA fanatic bleeds red and black?  Because he can break windows by celebrating and get stitches shortly after in the hospital.

That's Chubb Strong in my book.

College Football Week 3 Top Plays

 5. Jonathan Allen's incredible touchdown run vs Ole Miss

Always nice to see the big men getting in the end zone.  Bama's Jonathan Allen is nearly 300 pounds but looked like a gazelle running his way toward a huge TD in Bama's comeback win in Oxford.

4. Jacob Eason Delivers 20-yard Game Winning TD Strike To Beat Mizzou

It wasn't the best performance from the true freshman but when it counted Jacob Eason delivered a beautiful touch pass to WR Isaiah McKenzie for the game-winning TD in a tough road environment vs Mizzou.

3. Leonard Fournette's Stiff Arm/Throwdown vs Mississippi State

It's good to see Leonard Fournette back in the highlights making Buga Nation plays!

2. Lamar Jackson With Another Heisman Trophy Worthy Play vs FSU

Action Jackson was at it again in the big showdown vs FSU with this electric 47-yard TD run.  He hit circle button a couple of times to get into the endzone in route to a 63-20 statement win vs #2 FSU.

1.  Ohio State's Noah Brown Touchdown Behind-the-Defenders Back Catch

Sick.  Absolutely sick.  This was just one of Noah Brown's 4 touchdown catches vs the Sooners Saturday night in Ohio State's blowout win.  Welcome to college football young man.

Matt Fairchild grew up a fan of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Baltimore Orioles, Atlanta Braves and Atlanta Falcons.  In other words he has a sports team problem on top of his drinking problem.  Displaying a loyal, never-ending-love for his teams despite their consistent struggles to return to their "glory days" only shows the insane ramblings that permeate his controversial sport writings.  Fairchild started in 2005 where you can find great t-shirts and sports merchandise.  See more of his work at UHND.  He can be reached at or on Twitter @sportscrack

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Lamar "Action Jackson" Heisman T-Shirts Now Available for Sale

The Heisman Hype is real!  You saw what he did to FSU putting up an amazing 63 points on the Papa Johns Stadium scoreboard!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Buster Posey and Freddie Freeman Need To Work on their Sliding Techniques

Baseball can be an art form at times.  Whether the art is a Monet or a Jackson Pollock depends.  Last night two All-Star players tried their best at perfecting the art of the slide.  Luckily for both this wasn't the Olympics and they weren't be judged by a 1-10 scale.

First slide we have is Freddie Freeman going into second in Milwaukee.

Freeman pulled off some Michael Jackson shit to get in there with the double.  Not the prettiest slide but it worked.

On the other hand you have Buster Posey going into third face first.  Kids I don't recommend sliding like this unless you want to look like Ray Rice's wife.

Thursday, August 04, 2016

2016 College Football Coaches Preseason Poll Released

Today the coaches released their initial preseason poll for the 2016 season.

Let's take a look at their top 25...

1. Alabama - Can't really argue this.  Nick Saban is coming off another NC (his 4th at Bama) and despite looking for a new QB Bama is loaded with talent at every position.

2. Clemson - Deshaun Watson and Dabo Swinney's team would have been my pick for #1.  They were a couple of plays away from going undefeated last season.  Expect them to contend again for a playoff spot.

3. Oklahoma - I'm expecting the Sooners and Baker Mayfield to take a step back this season.  On paper they look great but whenever Oklahoma comes in with a lot of hype they seem to disappoint.  I still can't get over them losing to Texas last year.

4.  FSU - I guess the ACC is now the best top tier conference eh(if we are counting ND as a member)?  Who's going to play QB for the Seminoles?  I would recommend giving the ball to Dalvin Cook and figure it out as the season goes on.

5.  Ohio State - Don't expect the Buckeyes to take a step back just because more than half of their starters were drafted by the NFL.  Urban Meyer has QB JT Barrett back and plenty of 5 star kids waiting to prove that 2015 was a false flag of a season.

6.  LSU - I love Leonard Fournette but I don't see LSU contending for anything unless they can find a reliable QB.  If the Bayou Bengals struggle again this season Les Miles will be forced out.

7.  Stanford - Christian McCaffrey can do it all.  Run, catch, pass, return kicks.  He's the best all-around player in college football and should have won the Heisman last year.

8.  Michigan - The schedule sets up favorable for a playoff push in Jim Harbaugh's second season in Ann Arbor.  I'm not convinced the talent is there yet with rival Ohio State but it wouldn't surprise me to see the Wolverines make the playoffs.

9.  Notre Dame - Yes the schedule is somewhat difficult but if the Fighting Irish can avoid the injury bug that has devastated their last two seasons they should again contend for a playoff spot after narrowly missing it in 2015.  Expect Deshone Kizer to start vs Texas in week 1.

10.  Tennessee - The Vols are the favorite to win the SEC East which really isn't saying much these days.  If Joshua Dobbs can step up his game and get more accuracy with his passes past 10 yards the Vols could be legit.

11.  Michigan State - You know Mark Dantonio will have his team contending for the Big Ten title yet again despite losing starting QB Connor Cook.  Never ever count out Sparty with their head coach.

12.  Ole Miss - The only team to beat Alabama the last two seasons returns Swag Kelly (the self-proclaimed best QB in the nation) and some excellent players who they paid a lot of booster money for.  The return on investment better pay off for the Rebels.

13.  Houston - Tom Herman is back.  Greg Ward is back.  They destroyed FSU in the Peach Bowl.  They went 13-1.  Why are they ranked this low?  Not sure but I wouldn't be surprised to see them beat Oklahoma week 1 despite being a double digit underdog.

14.  TCU -  The Horned Frogs collapsed down the final furlong stretch last season but don't expect coach Gary Patterson to play the sympathy card.  TCU can win the Big 12.

15.  Iowa - Until the Hawkeyes play a legit schedule I can't seriously take them as a playoff contender.  Did anyone see them get slaughtered in the Rose Bowl?

16.  Georgia - First year head coach and potential first year freshman QB starter doesn't usually pay high dividends especially in the SEC.  New coach Kirby Smart will clean up the mediocrity Mark Richt left but it's going to take a few seasons.

17.  USC - Clay Helton is officially the head coach of the USC Trojans.  WTF?  Here is live reaction of FUSC faithful:

18.  Washington - The Huskies are the sexy pick to win the PAC 12 conference by some pundits this season.  I don't see it happening but Chris Petersen is a hell of a coach so don't count them out.

19.  Oklahoma State - Seems about right.  Oklahoma State under Mike Gundy is a top 20 team.  But that's their ceiling.

20.  North Carolina - The Tarheels almost won the ACC while coming a TD and 2 point conversion short of Clemson last year in the Championship game.  If they beat UGA week 1 in the GA Dome they could go on a similar run this year.

21.  Baylor - Not sure what to say about this program at this point.  Their coach  is gone.  Their players constantly get in trouble when their not getting away with sexual harassment.  It could be a long, long season in Waco.

22.  Oregon - It was fun while it lasted.  Oregon was a top 5 team for a while there.  Now it's back to reality aka the post Marcus Mariota/Chip Kelly years.

23.  Louisville - I can't stand Bobby Petrino for obvious reasons but it wouldn't shock me if they beat FSU or Clemson.  A road game in Houston in mid November could be a playoff play in game.

24.  UCLA - The Bruins can win the PAC 12.  A lot of it depends on Josh Rosen and his maturation.  The return of Eddie Vanderdoes helps too.

25.  Florida - This feels like a pity fuck here.  The coaches were like we know you aren't that good looking and your breath kind of smells but we remember when you had Tim Tebow so let's give you a chance.

Matt Ryan Throws Interception to OC Kyle Shanahan Which Should Help Build their Relationship

If you followed the Atlanta Falcons at all last season you know the offense wasn't exactly clicking on all cylinders for the 8-8 Dirty Birds.  Matt Ryan had arguably his worst season in first-year offensive coordinator's Kyle Shanahan offense.  Ryan threw for just 21 TDs while throwing 16 INTs.  Matty Ice looked anything but cool and much of the blame went to Shanahan and his new offense.  Well it's good to see Ryan is feeling generous enough to patch up their somewhat rocky relationship by throwing interceptions to Shanahan in training camp.

Next time I would recommend Ryan throwing to the guy who wears #11 and not the coach.  I've heard #11 is pretty good.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Michigan Football Reveals New Nike Uniforms with Michael Jordan Brand Jumpman All Over Them

Talk about selling your soul for the almighty dollar.  When I think of Michigan football the first thing that comes to my mind is Michael Jordan jumping from the free throw line in the Slam Dunk Contest 30 years ago.  It only makes sense then to slap Michael Jordan brand Jumpman logos all over your uniform including the jersey, pants, gloves, and cleats.  They should have put a giant MJ on the ass of the pants because Michigan is getting fucked right in the ass by Nike.  Good lord Michigan this is pathetic.  You have a basketball player on your football uniforms.  He didn't even go to your school.  His alma mater beat your school in the infamous Chris Webber time out game.  I would say I've never been more embarrassed for Michigan football till today but then again I still remember the last time Brady Hoke opened up his mouth and called Notre Dame "chicken."  We all remember how that worked out...

Monday, July 25, 2016

Andre Dawson's Greg Maddux Prank Story is one of the All-Time Greats

Now I feel bad for not including Greg Maddux on my all-time team.  When you piss in a hot tub full of black guys it takes some serious balls.  Only a legend like Maddux could pull such a savage prank move.  Mad dog is right up there with George Brett's shitting his pants story.

40 Days Till College Football Kicks Off

We are officially 40 days till the first fall Saturday of college football.  What better way to celebrate 40 days till college football bliss by going back and watching one of the greatest runs in it's history: #40 Reggie Brooks of Notre Dame spinning, running over and around Michigan for a spectacular touchdown.  Brooks was knocked out on the play and still managed to subconsciously get himself in the endzone.  No doubt Brooks deserves to hit the "Play Like A Champion Today" sign after this incredible run vs a hated rival.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Big Papi David Ortiz Hit a 440 Foot Homer Last Night at the age of 40

Is there a better human being on the planet than David "Big Papi" Ortiz?  I don't think you can find one.  What Ortiz is doing at the age of 40, his last season, is remarkable and completely legit.  He leads all big leaguers in RBIs and OPS.  Did I mention he is 40 years old?  Oh yeah.  Crazy how a light hitting Dominican who was released by the Minnesota Twins in late 2002 could become this behemoth of a slugger on his way to a Hall of Fame induction when all is said and done.  It's perfectly normal for guys 12 years past their primes to have seasons like Big Papi is doing right now.  Anyone who thinks he is cheating clearly doesn't know the impeccable character of Mr. David Ortiz.  He would never cheat the game.  Never.  Ever.  The guy is a saint and should be celebrated the way Barry Bonds finished his career.  Remember Bonds never failed a drug test too and he was remarkably doing the same super human things Ortiz is doing right now.


Thursday, July 21, 2016


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Jim Harbaugh Doing Jim Harbaugh Things: Stars in Michigan Themed Rap Video

Jim Harbaugh has no chill.  This week Harbaugh made his rap debut by starring in Bailey's "Who's Got It Better Than Us?" by shouting out the title lyrics over and over.

I can't wait till Notre Dame plays Michigan again in 2018.  It's going to be epic.

2016 Notre Dame Shamrock Series Jerseys Unveiling Tonight

The annual Notre Dame Shamrock Series uniforms unveiling are always a big hit whether you like them or not.  Tonight ND will release the full uniform with jersey and helmet to the public at 6:30 EST.

Of course we will be selling the official game helmets and jerseys soon.

Here are my favorite Shamrock Series jerseys by order...

1) 2013 Shamrock Series Jerseys (Dallas, TX)
2) 2011 Shamrock Series (Washington D.C)

3) 2015 Shamrock Series (Boston Fenway Park)

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6) 2010 Shamrock Series (New York)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Top 10 Most Overrated/Overhyped College Football Players Going into 2016

These guys need to show more on the football field this fall vs top 25 teams before I'm willing to give them Heisman-worthy accolades...

1.  Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma - Mayfield finished 4th in the Heisman last season despite playing pedestrian vs the Sooners top competition (Tennessee, TCU, Texas and Clemson).  At this point until Mayfield proves it against top 25 teams his overall play is overrated.

Now if we are talking about underrated we could point out Mayfield's hypnotic dance moves...

2.  Jabrill Peppers, LB, Michigan - Talent wise I think Peppers is one of the best in college football.  Production wise though he hasn't come close to matching his high school rankings and will now be playing linebacker for Harbaugh and company.  He should be playing corner/safety.  If Peppers can prove himself as a hybrid LB he will quickly come off this list.  But at this point going into the season he is overhyped.

3.  Brad Kaaya, QB, Miami - I've tried my hardest to see what exactly all the expert draft gurus see in Kaaya.  He reminds me of Christian Hackenberg a little bit.  He looks the part of big-time college QB with a good frame but his stats don't match the picture.  I've seen some draft mocks with him going top 5 overall.  No way.  Overrated and overhyped.

4.  Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA - Rosen is much like Peppers on this list.  Talent wise he's elite for sure.  But he's still real young and makes a lot of poor decisions both on the field and in social media.  He needs to grow up and mature.  At this point it is insane for any publication to put him on their top 10 college football players in the game but I have seen it numerous times.  Rosen is overhyped going into his true sophomore season.

5.  Carl Lawson, DE, Auburn - To be fair injuries have held back Lawson for the most part of his collegiate career.  But still he's going to be a senior and he has yet to make an impact as projected coming out of high school.  At this point he is more overhyped than overrated because of the injuries.

6.  Joshua Dobbs, QB, Tennessee - As a runner I like Dobbs a lot but he's a QB.  He needs to get better accuracy throwing 10 yards past the line of scrimmage or defenses are going to stack the box against the Vols all season.  Much like Tennessee and Butch Jones I think Dobbs is overrated going into 2016.

By the way somebody tell Dobbs to stop blocking the television...

7.  Tim Williams, LB, Alabama - Misses way too many tackles.  Plays stiff and is undersized.  Decent pass rusher but not very good against the run.  He's a product of a great defense surrounding him IMO and benefits from his teammate Jonathan Allen getting double teamed.
Even his "highlights" aren't all that impressive...

8.  C.J. Beathard, QB, Iowa - I've read some articles listing Beathard a top 20 overall player in college football over the likes of Greg Ward, Calvin Ridley and Adoree Jackson among many others which is flat out crazy talk.  Yes Iowa had a good year but I wouldn't say Beathard won them many games.

9.  Zach Banner, OT, USC - People look at his size (6'9, 360) and automatically think All-American tackle.  But Banner hasn't played like an AA in his first 3 seasons at USC.  At this point in his career he is more overhyped because of his size.

10. O.J. Howard, TE, Alabama -  If you watched the NCG vs Clemson (5 catches for 208 yards and 2 TDs) you are probably laughing your ass off because I included Howard on this list.  But if you look at the prior 3 full seasons before that game you would wonder what all the hype was for Howard coming out of high school.  There is a reason why Howard came back for his senior season instead of cashing in on his big performance vs Clemson.  For a man his size he needs to be more physical and run better routes.  Until then he is overrated and overhyped.


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Showtime Releases Teaser for "A Season With Florida State Football"

As someone who can never get enough college football I'm looking forward to Showtime's 2nd season of "A Season With" this time with FSU.  Last year they hit a home run with Notre Dame being featured in this "Hard Knocks" inspired production.  It will be interesting to see the behind closed doors differences between the two programs.

FSU's opening week game vs Ole Miss should provide some highlight trash talking between two highly talented and athletic football programs.  Jimbo Fisher is now single since he divorced his cheating whore of an ex-wife so I'm sure we will see him swinging his dick around all the Tallahassee coeds.


My MLB All-Time Starting 9

Since we just passed the 2016 All-Star break I've seen a lot of people arguing over their all-time MLB rosters.  It's an argument as old as David Ortiz's needle injected butt marks but I figured I would contribute some knowledge.  I've left off all known cheaters so there will be no Bonds, ARod, Clemens, Manny Ramirez, Piazza, etc. on this list.

My lineup-

1) LF Rickey Henderson - Anybody who leaves off the greatest leadoff hitter with the most runs and stolen bases in MLB history clearly has no clue.  I'm not that guy.

2) CF Willie Mays - This was a tough one for me because I wanted to put Griffey Jr in center.  But I went with the Say Hey Kid because of the numbers he put up while mostly playing at the Polo Grounds (480 feet to center, 450 feet to alleys) robbed him of even higher power numbers.

3) 1B Lou Gehrig - The most underrated superstar of any generation.  Gehrig averaged 145 RBIs per season!  This is still a no brainer despite him passing over 70 years ago.

4) RF Hank Aaron - I couldn't leave off the HR King.  755 will live on forever with Hammerin' Hank.

5) DH/P Babe Ruth - Ruth is probably the greatest baseball player of all-time.  Not only could he hit (714 HR) but he was also an ace on the mound (94 wins during 5 seasons).  So I feel comfortable with Babe at DH who can also come in and pitch some relief if need be.

6) 2B Robinson Cano - I firmly believe when Cano's career is finished he will go down as the best 2nd baseman to ever play the game.  He does things that guys like Joe Morgan and Robbie Alomar only wish they could do on the diamond.

7) C Johnny Bench - Even with the numbers Mike Piazza and Pudge put up while on steroids it doesn't compare to Bench.  He was the glue of some great Reds teams in the 70's.

8) SS Cal Ripken Jr - No one before him could play short like he did at his size.  He helped usher in the big guys playing short (ARod, Jeter, etc.) and should have won more Gold Gloves but got screwed because he wasn't as flashy as others.

9) 3B Brooks Robinson - Defensively nobody compares to the Human Vacuum Cleaner at the hot corner.  His bat was also clutch in the postseason, helping deliver Baltimore multiple World Series titles.

Starter RHP Pedro Martinez - Nobody was more dominate than Pedro during the steroid era.  He was mowing down hitters with ease despite facing lineups full of roided up middle infielders.

Starter LHP Madison Bumgarner - I know this will come as a shock to a lot of you but right now if I had to pick a lefty starting a deciding game I would instantly think Bumgarner.  He's helped personally deliver the Giants 3 World Series titles and he's as clutch as they get in the postseason.

Closer Mariano Rivera - This is a no brainer and if anybody tries to argue it they need to be admitted to the looney house.

Long Relief John Smoltz - Smoltzie was as dominant a starter as he was a closer.  The ultimate team player he was overshadowed by Maddux and Glavine but HOF manager Bobby Cox gave Smoltz the ball when the game or season was on the line.

Set Up Goose Goosage - I don't think you could find a more intimidating guy on the mound unless his name is Bob Gibson.

Manager Earl Weaver - No team is complete without the Earl of Baltimore cussing out an umpire to protect his players.