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Saturday, January 23, 2010


Listen Prince, I want to root for the Minnesota Vikings tomorrow because of my genuine distaste for the New Orleans Saints. As a Falcon's fan we were raised to not even mention the name Saints. We called them the Aint's. Those cajun speaking toolbags have been our arch nemesis for 30 plus years and there is no way I will ever root for them to win even if they had to suffer through Hurricane Katrina and Drew Brees mullet combover much less his Frank Beamer growth on the side of his face. Plus they got that cheating a-hole in Reggie Bush. No way will I ever root for the Aint's. With that being said why the fuck did you put out this garbage song Prince? You are better than this. I will choose to remember Purple Rain and those two twins in your videos that you probably banged harder than a Mexican at a construction site. It's already hard to root for the Vikings with Brett Favre leading them so you don't need to fuck it up for me anymore Prince. You just embarrassed Jared Allen for Christ's sake. You know how impossible that is? The guy rocks the mullet and jorts with pride but shakes his head in disgust with this garbage "Purple and Gold" song. Leave the gay fight songs to the Tennessee Volunteers. After all it's all they got now with Lame Kiffin bullshitting in South Central.

Thank you and God Bless!

Prediction: Vikings 35 Saints 24