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Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning Rivalry Video Will Get You Hyped Up For The AFC Championship

Hard to disagree.  Peyton Manning, as good as he has been his whole career, does not even come close to Tom Brady in terms of greatness.  Peyton is a great statistical QB.  A regular season QB extraordinaire.  But as much as this pains me to say Tom Brady owns Peyton Manning in everything else.  Manning is basically the gimp inside Brady's cellar.  Brady is going for one for the thumb and to put his name up there with Joe Montana as the greatest QB of all-time.  Peyton is just selling Papa Johns pizzas and handing the ball off while relying on a great Broncos defense to win him games while hoping his neck doesn't pop from a stiff Rocky Mountain breeze.

Sunday can't come soon enough.