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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The music gets me everytime. I almost feel bad for Michigan and DickRod. Those two look as comfortable together as Amy Winehouse in rehab.

Video HT: UHND via House that Rock Built


Not many people know but John McCain has roommates in his 7th house which just happens to be an apartment. Things have been getting stressful with the upcoming election and well...McCain doesn't seem to be helping things especially with the apartment rules...

And to make things worse now it appears Sarah Palin has moved in...

You can't be leaving your shit on tables McCain and bringing in broads from Alaska without consulting the broskis. How can we vote for a guy who can't even respect some simple house etiquette?


I'm not hear to bang on the kid for making a dumb mistake. Sure he looked like an idiot when he tossed the ball backwards before hitting the goal line and yes it would have been his first NFL touchdown in front of millions on Monday Night Football but at least the Eagles scored on the very next play thanks to Brian Westbrook. Desean will be reminded of the play for the rest of his career much like Leon Lett probably is today if the guy is still alive and not snorting coke off of stripper's poles while making it rain. The point is Desean needs to keep his nose clean and his attitude in check. Do your showboating once you know for sure you have scored. Don't be that guy Desean. He pulled the same shit when he was playing in the US Army All-American Bowl by doing a flip and losing the ball at the 1 yard line. Time to man up rookie and grow up. The great ones say you should act like you have been there before and I think Desean will realize that sooner than later or he will be out of the league real fast.

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