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Thursday, December 06, 2007

This bizarre, ass backwards season has made no sense but hopefully this All-American list does. I went through all the stats, the level of importance the player had to his team, and watched a lot of video and read a lot of articles on the players. Again, this team is based on performance this season and not in the past. So here you go, this is the offensive side of the ball so feel free to curse and laugh all you want.


Tim Tebow(Florida Gators)-This was probably the biggest no brainer for me. The kid has redefined the position and dominated the toughest conference in all of college football. He has a combined 51 touchdowns and is a tough son of a you know what. He should win the Heisman but if he doesn't it's only because the old farts who vote are too set in their ways.

Honorable mention-Chase Daniel(Missouri)

Darren McFadden(Arkansas Razorbacks)-I don't think I really need to explain this one. More than likely the best player in the country when he isn't taking games off, D-MAC should be the first pick in the NFL Draft. By the way, I like him more than Adrian Peterson coming out last year.

Kevin Smith(Central Florida)-2448 yards is an insane number for a rushing total by a runningback. Even more insane is the amount of carries Smith got: 415! He also had a LT like 30 total touchdowns.

Honorable mention-Jonathan Stewart(Oregon), Rashard Mendenhall(Illinois)


Michael Crabtree(Texas Tech)-He set a NCAA freshman record with 21 TD catches while leading the nation in catches(125) and receiving yards(1861). Umm, yeah, he is a for sure, no questions asked All-American.

Jordy Nelson(Kansas State)-A white receiver, can you effing believe it? I'm still in shock. Nelson, a white dude who runs extremely fast. Wait a second. Did I mention he is white? Anyways, he had 122 catches for 1606 yards which both are second only to Crabtree. For a white guy that is amazing.

Mario Manningham(Michigan)-Super Mario had another stellar season. Most likely his last for the Maize and Blue when he decides to enter the NFL Draft, Manningham had over a 1000 yards receiving while catching 11 TDs.

Honorable mentions: James Hardy(Indiana), Percy Harvin(Florida), Devin Thomas(Michigan State)


Travis Beckum(Wisconsin)-High expectations going into this season didn't slow down Beckum in Madison. With nearly a 1000 yards receiving and 73 catches, Beckum was the most consistent tight end in the country despite having an average QB throwing him the ball. Plus he is so good one of his o-lineman tried to give him head(picture right). Geez guys, get a room.

Honorable mention: Fred Davis(USC)

Jake Long(Michigan)-He almost got taken off this list after seeing him thrown around a couple of times against Ohio State. More than likely the first o-lineman to be taken in the draft, Long finished his career 0-4 against the Buckeyes.

Anthony Collins(Kansas)-What has the world come to when I'm putting freaking Jayhawks on my All-American team? Collins was a monster all season and a reason why the Jayhawks were so efficient on offense.

Jonathan Luigs(Arkansas)-Reason #2 Arkansas is so good at running the ball the past three seasons. The #1 reason of course is D-MAC and Felix Jones.

Adam Spieker(Missouri)-What does MIZZOU mean? I don't get it, there are no Z's in Missouri. Is it redneck for show me? Oh yeah, Spieker dominated the line of scrimmage all season.

Michael Oher(Ole Miss)-This guy scares the living piss out of me. Just looking at his picture I had a little trickle come out. He is on this list strictly because I want to live for another 30 good drinking years of my life.

I will be posting my defensive All-American team as soon as my diarhea goes away. I had Mexican for lunch.