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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

David Shaw Throws a Verbal Haymaker at the SEC Conference, Calls Southerners Not Good Enough for Stanford

You know I've always thought of Stanford's head coach David Shaw as a bit of a douche prick and this quote pretty much confirms it.  One part of me loves the complete honesty especially in today's BS PC culture where you got to walk on eggshells not to offend anybody.  But Shaw is basically calling Southerners, one of which I am, idiots who couldn't get into Stanford.  Well yeah.  I can't get into Stanford.  Fuck.  He's right.  Fuck you Shaw.

By the way imagine if a white coach said this?  The media would tear his ass apart.  Like if Brian Kelly said this he would be called a racist asshole.  But since Shaw said it they kind of just sweep it under the rug and say "well he's got a point."

6 and O's

With Crush Davis's 3-run blast to dead center off Red Sox closer Craig Kimbrel the Orioles sit atop the standings with a Baltimore franchise record 6-0 start.

If you recall many if not all of the "experts" predicted the Orioles to finish dead last in the AL East.  The same squad who since 2012 has the best record in the American League.  The same team who returned basically everybody with the best coach in the senior league in Buck Showalter.  But yeah those "experts" seem to know what they are talking about when they predict the Orioles to win 69 games.

I almost feel bad for all the baseball sabermetrics nerds who continue to shit on the Orioles.  They strike out too much they say.  They don't have high OBPs.  They don't have good WHIPs and blah blah blah.  Who gives a shit is what I say.  Their whole lineup can hit the 3-run homer as witnessed yesterday in Boston as Mark Trumbo and Davis hit them vs the Red Sox's high priced acquisitions in David Price and Kimbrel.

I'm not saying the Orioles are going to run away with the division since we are only in the first week of the season.  It would be downright foolish to think the Yankees, Sox, Rays and Blue Jays won't eventually catch up to the high flying Charm City Bashers.  But anyone who thought the Orioles would shit the bed this season because of sabermetrics simply needs to shut the fuck up and stop talking about baseball.  Or better yet watch a fucking game you nerds.