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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Me and the old lady have tickets to the Braves game tonight against the San Francisco Giants(half the team is on Social security by the way) and you can only guess where our seats are located.

132L...which stands for left field bleachers. Yes, yours truly will be right behind Barry Bonds for nine innings.

Will I be drunk? Yes.

Will I remind Barry Bonds he is a piece of shit? Yes.

Will I chant Sid Breams name in honor of the best game I have ever personally attended? Of course.

So if you are watching TBS tonight and hear someone slurring "my shiat has more integritys thanz yourz Mr. Bonds" it will more than likely be coming from my mouth. Anyways, my plan is to come home and tell you the loyal Sportscrack readers what exactly went down...but forgive me if tonight I appear a little off.