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Monday, June 16, 2014

USA Men's National Team Better Win Today vs Ghana

No more fucking excuses.  We are the USA.  We don't need excuses.  We need answers and we needed them yesterday.  Portugal just got their bitch asses steamrolled by the Germans and lost two players in the process including their pride and dignity.  This "group of death" currently doesn't look so fucking deadly anymore.  All the USA has to do is beat fucking Ghana at 6pm today.  Ghana is some piss ant from Africa who has no right to beat us considering all the money we put into developing our players and hiring the best coaches in the world.  I'm pretty sure 95% of Ghana doesn't even have electricity much less water.  No more fucking excuses America.  I want us to destroy Ghana and then kick the living shit out of Portugal and Ronaldo and then Germany can annihilate us for all I care since it won't matter since we will automatically advance.

P.S - I only watch soccer every four years for the World Cup.  I still think it's a nancy sport with "athletes" who would get curbed stomp playing in the States if they played one of the sports that actually matters (Football, baseball, hockey, basketball) but that doesn't matter right now.  It's about national pride.  We gotta win.  No more excuses.

Double P.S - Cool video.  I got a little chub from it  no lie.

Notre Dame Equipment Manager Ryan Grooms Teases the 2014 Shamrock Series Helmet With This Box Picture

Oh Ryan you can't be teasing the family jewels like this.  I can feel it deep in my plums.  They are all tingly in anticipation.  What's in the box?  I need to see the new 2014 Shamrock Series helmet today!

By the way before you even ask yes we will again have the helmets in stock first for sale.  As soon as Ryan reveals the helmet we will put a link up to buy the minis and authentic versions of it.

We still have some of the 2013 Shamrock Series and 2012 mini helmets in stock along with the authentics if anybody is interested in adding to their collection.

Go Irish!

Johnny Manziel Still Partying Hard, Can't Hear You Complaining With All of His Money

I'm not going to lie.  I would fucking kill to live one day in Johnny Football's shoes right now.  I mean is anybody else living it up more than Johnny Manziel?  He's got a different dime piece every week.  Hell he might have a different smokeshow every day for all I can tell.  He's been partying with celebrities all over the country.  He's got so much cash he can't even fucking hear us.  Johnny Cleveland is living like a gangster.  Party on Johnny.  Party on.