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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mike Leake's American Rag Shoplifting Ad has the most excellent American Rag ad endorsed by Cincinnati Red's pitcher Mike Leake. As you may have heard Leake got caught shoplifting 6 American Rag shirts worth a total of $60 yesterday. Yep. A guy who makes $450k a year is stealing fucking $10 shirts. What an asshole!

Aroldis Chapman hit 106 last night

I know the Reds probably know what they are doing but how in the holy fuck is Aroldis Chapman a middle reliever when he hits 106 on the gun? And people wonder why Dusty Baker doesn't have a World Series ring yet. Yeah, you heard right. 1...0...6!!!! He threw it to Andrew McCutchen last night and I don't even think God saw it. I would post a video of it but since MLB doesn't want to promote their sport I will just direct you to their site.

In the meantime go ahead and buy one of our Cuban Missile shirts.

Monopoly -Official Trailer

I smell summer blockbuster. Fuck Captain America and The Hangover 2. Monopoly will send those bitches straight to jail. Monopoly is going to straight up crush the box office this summer. I'm pretty much positive Christopher Nolan stole the musical score from Monopoly and somehow put it in Inception. I'm also sure that Tequila tastes best before noon Monday through Friday. These are things you learn when you type in your PJs at 3 in the afternoon.

Brian Wilson and Cody Ross rocking it out with a mini me Matt Cain with claw hands

Giants closer Brian Wilson is quickly becoming one of my favorite players in the league. I mean shit the guy rocks a terrorist beard and still gets mad pussy. How is that even possible? If I have two day stubble I'm basically shut off like it's Fort Knox down there. If I wasn't a die hard Braves or Orioles fan I could definitely see myself rooting for the Giants. I mean shit they wear the same colors as the Orioles. They play in one of my favorite cities to visit and their ballpark rivals Camden Yards. And they also got Lincecum who the Orioles somehow dumbfucked their way into not drafting him and instead took fucking Billy Rowell. I don't know what the purpose of this video is but it's crazy how the pitchers mound can make Matt Cain look so much bigger. It's little wonder (pun intended) he can mow down hitters with those fucking claws for hands. By the way where the hell is Lincecum? He probably was too busy chowing down some In-N Out after smoking some medicinal.

Video via BarStoolSports

Mets Commercial - Tickets Still Available!!!

Thanks to George Lee for posting this vintage New York Mets commercial. I'm probably the last person who should make fun of the Metropolitans since my Orioles and Braves have contracted bat aids. Yeah it's horrible. Nobody can hit worth a shit and like Magic Johnson only money, a whole lot it, can make it bat aids go away.