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Monday, November 02, 2009


Ladies, take note, this is what your Halloween costume should look like next year. Oh, and 32E boobs would help tremendously as Kelly Brook displays. I'm here to inspire.

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Now excuse me while I dream about sleeping on those funbags on the beach...


LSUfreek's stuff never gets old.


Check out Florida linebacker Brandon Spikes get a little pokey with Georgia tailback Washaun Ealey. I'm not sure what he was trying to do other than change out his contacts...

Video HT: TheBigLead
Yes it was a dirty play but this kind of shit happens all the time. He's lucky he didn't try to speed bag his nuts. I've seen it happen in a pile.

Where does Georgia go from here? Right now they sit at 4-4 and for the first time in Mark Richt's coaching tenure in Athens there are serious questions about where the program is headed. Just last season they were the preseason #1 team in the country and looked poise to win their second National Championship ever with Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno back. But they failed miserably getting blown out by Alabama and Florida last year and then letting Georgia Tech run all over them.

This year it looks like their cycle appears to be on the downward side again and yet they don't even belong on the same field as the Florida's and Alabama's of the world anymore. Right now you look at Georgia and you have to say that those teams are clearly better than them and only getting better along with rivals Tennessee and Georgia Tech.

If I were a betting man for 2010 I would say both Florida and Tennessee will be ranked ahead of Richt's Dawgs in the SEC East and LSU and Alabama will obviously be better too. This leaves Georgia middle of the pack in the SEC. With the amount of top flight recruits Georgia and Richt bring in year after year this is unacceptable and it falls on the coaches to get these kids ready. Coordinators Willie Martinez and Mike Bobo should both be let go this offseason. If Richt wants to keep his job in Athens he needs to be the hammer and knock out these crooked nails. It amazes me that Martinez didn't get fired after last season. Georgia's defense has regressed every season since Martinez took over after Brian VanGorder left and yet he still collects a hefty paycheck every two weeks.

I'm interested to hear what Georgia fans and outside observers think of the Bulldogs. Am I being too overly critical of the Dawgs? Right now I think Georgia Tech would run rough shot all over their rival and if you would have told me this two years ago I would have said you are crazy. Is Georgia turning into the new Florida State? Tons of athletes who are undisciplined and get crushed by more prepared teams who are led by superior coaches?