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Monday, March 24, 2008


Wait till around the 1:30 mark when NHL Hall of Famer Patrick Roy's son, Jonathan, goes ape shit and decides to beat the hell out of the opposing goaltender. Quite a winner move there on Roy's part especially when the other goal tender had nothing to do with the fight and had no reason to fight back.

Can you say assault charges? You got to love the French Canadian announcers because they can make an all out hockey brawl sound like figure skating. Apparently Jonathan feels bad about giving the old #1 salute to the crowd also...

"I acted in an unacceptable way for an athlete. I gave the finger to the crowd and I used unacceptable words before TV cameras," Jonathan Roy said Monday at a news conference in Quebec City.

"I acted on the rush of the moment and frustration ... (but) I didn't have the right to act this way and I want to use this time to (apologize) to the Chicoutimi crowd and all those who heard those words on TV."

What people saw and heard, "that's not me. You will never see that side of (me) again," Roy said.

I think it is clear that Jonathan is a huge Michael Vick fan. French Canadians are weird.

Video HT: WithLeather


I don't think you can ask for a more weird and crazy weekend in Vegas than a bachelor party during the opening weekend of March Madness. My whole body aches while I try to rid my body of gallons of booze and tears from getting my ass completely destroyed while shaking worse than Muhammad Ali holding the Olympic Torch. Vegas is a city, an environment, an experience which should only be allowed to happen once a year at the most but never mind I ignored this simple logic by spending 17 of the last 28 days there. Sincere thanks to all my buddies who showed up and reveled in the fact that I'm "the asshole" who is getting married. You guys know I have always been the asshole, it never took marriage to change that fact. So I'm sure some of your brackets are as fucked up as my liver right now. The Sportscrack Pool is alive and well and if you had Georgetown as your pick well then you look like the fucking asshole right now. I told you guys Roy Hibbert blows. Hibbert is softer than Charmin but like it is only good for whipping off shit and being thrown down the toilet, or in his case the Atlanta Hawks.

Less than a week till baseball starts. Thank God. As much as I love watching the NCAA tournament I am equally frustrated by CBS going back and forth between games while Greg Gumbel screws with my emotions. Just stick with one game on one channel please. You would think after years of doing it CBS would finally mature and get rid of the premature ejaculation that is their coverage. I guess not.