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Thursday, January 31, 2008


I don't watch the Jimmy Kimmel Show or care to watch any of ESPN's NFL coverage but after seeing this compilation of Emmitt Smith's brilliant analysis they now have a new fan. Smith, the all-time leading NFL rusher must get along with Chris Berman quite well considering how professional Emmitt comes off on air.

On a completely non-related thought, I wonder if Kimmel is still nailing Sarah Silverman because it might be one of the all-time coups for an ugly guy getting a hot girl? Just curious before I leave and drink a few cold ones at Three Dollar Cafe tonight. See you tomorrow as we start celebrating Black History Month.

Video HT: AwfulAnnouncing


“I just got a good vibe about Coach Petrino from the start: He is straight up and honest about everything,” Ford said.

Okay, I know, try not to laugh but this is a direct quote from a high school football recruit named Elton Ford regarding former Atlanta Falcon's coach and current Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino. "Honest" and "straight up" would not be the first adjectives I would use to describe Petrino but apparently the sly piece of horse dung can still recruit and convince 17 and 18 year olds to come play with him. Ford recently switched his commitment from NC State to Arkansas after Petrino came to talk to him and another Chattahoochee High School(Alpharetta, GA) teammate named Justin Smith this past week.

In fact Petrino is so unbelievably good at deviating words to people he even got Ford's current coach Terry Crowder to believe and fellate his lies...
“My impression of [Petrino] was very high. I was just really impressed with how honest he was with the kids,” Chattahoochee coach Terry Crowder said. “I would have to say he is now one of my favorite head coaches I’ve ever met. I just can’t say enough good things.”

I guess some people will never learn. It's one thing to be an ignorant 18 year old who just wants a football scholarship and can't judge people by their actions but it's a whole other level when an adult coach can't see Petrino through his BS. This would explain why Georgia as a state continually struggles to finish out of the cellar when it comes to national SAT scores. I hope he has fun in Arkansas and learns a lot from Petrino during his two years in Fayetteville.


Former Georgia Tech defensive coordinator Jon Tenuta will replace defensive backs coach Bill Lewis at Notre Dame at an expected new conference on February 8th according to Irish Illustrated. I really don't have much to say to this except that I'm completely shocked and down right giddy a coach the caliber of Tenuta is going to Notre Dame. Tenuta developed a reputation at Tech as an aggressive blitzing at all times coordinator who managed to make the most out of a defense with a good amount of talent but nowhere near the amount he will receive at a school like Notre Dame. I'm not exactly sure what this means for current D-coordinator Corwin Brown(aka ace defensive recruiter) and his future at the program unless Tenuta is taking a step down to be only the secondary coach which would seem really far fetched to me. Brown has been doing an excellent job recruiting for Notre Dame and this year's class he has coming in will be one of the best ever defensively for the Irish and that is in large part thanks to himself and not necessarily head coach Charlie Weis.

Tenuta's defenses since he became the D-coordinator at Tech have been consistently ranked in the top 25 and this past year they led the nation in sacks. Of course 9 of those sacks came against the Irish in the season opener. If this hire does in fact go down it will be one of the biggest coups for Weis in terms of hire since...well...since they hired Brown last season. It terms of immediate recruiting it should be noted that a defensive end/outside linebacker named Keith Wells from Georgia is visiting Notre Dame this weekend. I think the hiring of Tenuta just increased their chances of landing the kid big time since Tenuta is a household name down here in Atlanta especially with football recruits.


Hey, we have all been there is what I'm thinking. Someone fucks up and it screws up everything. Some call it premature ejaculation but I like to call it an early Christmas present. And God knows I like to give out "a lot" of early XMas presents.

Seriously could you imagine Berman in a Whoppers Freakout commercial? There would be more curse words thrown out than Coach K at a ref during the North Carolina game.

The video is from eight years ago but somehow, someway it managed to find it's way in our hearts and minds forever. Now if only we can get the Dana Jacobson video we are set for years.

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This ass backwards franchise known as the Baltimore Orioles is giving me a serious case of migraines with them now reaching out to Erik Bedard in hopes of resigning him. Are you effing kidding me? Could they have not figured out a long time ago before fielding offers for him for months now that he wasn't going to resign with them unless they are competitive? I don't know why I put myself through this but since today is my birthday I wish Peter Angelos would magically disappear. It would be the best birthday present ever. Then I would go ahead and make the trade of Bedard to the M's for Adam Jones, George Sherrill, Chris Tillman, and Carlos Triunfel. Then I would trade Brian Roberts to the Cubs for Sean Gallagher and Felix Pie. It almost makes too much sense!

Rebuild you idiots!

This calls for a beer, happy January 31st people, the day Angelos left Baltimore...
I have an Irish accent when I drink too much in case you were wondering.