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Friday, September 07, 2007

Just a reminder guys and gals to make your picks before the deadline at 6 eastern tonight. Last week we had four way tie between yours truly, cards88, Jimmy Clausen #7, and Metallibama. So this week who ever picks the most winners against the spread wins 2 Sportscrack shirts! Remember, our shirts are not only cool as fuck but are guarenteed to get you laid if only you didn't drink so much and blabber like Lou Holtz on Gameday...

Wow, I didn't think anybody could make Mark May look halfway intelligent, but you did Holtz. When did Notre Dame become Knower Wame?


Golf Fatality

A guy goes golfing with his girlfriend. As he tees off, she steps into ladies' teebox and gets hit in the head with his drive. She is pronounced D.O.A. and taken to the morgue.

The coroner calls him in and says, "She definitely died from a blow to the head caused by the golf ball. But the only thing we can't understand is why was there a golf ball in her rectum?"

"Oh," he replies, "that must have been my mulligan."

I know it's not College Football or even a sport that 95% of Americans even know that we actually play, but the Rugby World Cup starts today in the brutal, no holds bar bat crazy country of...France. The official website with live coverage is at in case you were interested. It may be a brutal sport with the chances of losing an eye, ear, or your sanity all very real possibilities but there is always an entertainment factor of seeing somebody get hurt (it's the reason so many rednecks love NASCAR). Of course the Americans suck ass but you should watch just for the chances of something like this happening...

Europeans are much more "open" with their bodies, god bless them.

And if you want to watch some really nasty hits then watch this clip...

Rick Ankiel, the feel good story of the St. Louis Cardinals who has been compared to fictional character Roy Hobbs since his August call-up, might be just as big a phony as past Cardinals star Mark McGwire. Despite the euphoria of hitting his 9th homerun in 81 at-bats since reinventing himself as a Major League slugger after fizzling as a pitcher 7 years ago, it appears Ankiel has received HGH from a Florida pharmacy as recently as late 2004.

The complete story is here.

So this begs the question, is Ankiel a modern day Hobbs or McGwire? Once we get some honest answers from Ankiel then we can decide if he is as fictional as those two slugging icons.

The Cardinals 2006 World Series Championship deal with the devil continues to come back and bite them in the ass.