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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I'm 30 years old, married, own a home, drive a SUV, and have two dogs and a cat. You know what comes next don't ya? Yes. A baby. You figured your friends would be happy for you. Think again. Take a look at your future, my future, the whole human race future...

I went and saw Terminator Salvation on Friday. Good action flick for all the Terminator junkies out there. But seriously, why no mention of John Connor's wife and his baby? Director McG seriously messed up on that part. It's like he was scared to even acknowledge to the audience the existence of a future Connor. I was almost as disappointed as when those garbage Star Wars prequels came out. Seriously, no baby Chewbacca? Come on George Lucas. He must have consulted his friends before filming. Oh, don't worry if you haven't seen Terminator Salvation. Everybody dies. It's over. I won't ruin it for you though and give you anymore details.


Since we took off for Memorial Day here is your Tuesday morning wake up song...


In the power of Lebron. Talk about a city full of defeatist losers, check out this Cleveland news station give up all hope after the Orlando Magic took a 2 point lead with 1 second left in the game 3.

I still think the NBA rule where you call a time out after the opposing team scores and you get the selection of taking the ball past half court is one of the dumbest rules in sports. But it does make for exciting highlights.