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Friday, August 01, 2008


I'm just going to go and throw it out there and you take it in, just absorb what I'm about to say and then tell me what you think: Bengals RB Kenny Irons is the next Steven Spielberg!

I know you all agree with me. His special effects with the beer pitcher camera angle are going to be revolutionary in the film industry. It's impressive to see an Auburn grad...oh wait, I was just informed they don't actually graduate football players. Ummm, yeah, well it is impressive to see somebody who actually attended Auburn and yet has the brain functionality to know how to turn on an actual camera and act like a complete moron. You can't teach that!

Kenny Irons: real men of genius? I think so.


The Georgia Bulldogs are the top ranked preseason team according to the USA Today coaches poll. If you asked my opinion I would tell you that preseason ranking should be thrown out in the garbage and we shouldn't have a vote till after the third week of the season but the system is what it is. With that being said if I had to do a preseason ranking I would agree with Georgia as the top ranked team. They are loaded at every position with the exceptions of WR (expect big things from freshman AJ Green) and kicker (still looking for a replacement for Brandon Coutu). We all know they have exceptional coaching with Mark Richt and his staff doing great things in Athens and they have recruited top 5 talent in the nation since Richt has arrived from Tallahassee.

More on the polls to come later.

The AP releases their preseason top 25 on August 16th.