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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Barry Hinson Can Coach My Team Any Day, Goes on Epic Rant

 Barry Hinson is the head coach of Southern Illinois and went on a rant last night after losing to Murray State 73-65. You can see his frustration build as he calls his players "Mamma's Boys" and then calls his guards "Absolutely Awful" while pointing out his wife could hit more than 2 baskets with her pump fake. He basically said his wife is more of a man than his pussy players. I love this guy. I would love to play for Barry Hinson. He tells it like it is. In today's sports world you can't say shit like this. Honesty is not PC. Fuck that.

True story: last baseball season my team, the Brew Crew, were in the playoffs in a doubleheader when one of our best players in the first inning "pulled something." Mind you we only had about 10 guys there and it was probably around 94 degrees. The guy could still play but couldn't tell me, the coach, what exactly was wrong. So I told him to basically man up because it's the playoffs and we needed him. The guy quit. He packed his bags and said he couldn't play hurt and just walked off. Didn't even bother to take some Ibuprofen or anything or stay and watch his team play. He just fucking walked off. Pathetic. It's not like in baseball you have to be athletic all the time. Half the time you are sitting on the bench with a fat one in your lip. I would shudder to see how Hinson would react if he had that player on his team. Nuclear fall out for sure.