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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Notre Dame hasn't had a night game since I was a kid. This is apparently one of the reasons why...

1988 vs. those pussies from Michigan (I mean that affectionately) who couldn't handle a little crowd noise from 58,000 drunk Catholics. I wish Notre Dame would bring back the night game atmosphere. Notre Dame Stadium now seats 80,000 plus and I could only imagine how much the place would be shaking if on October 17th they decided to make it a night game against USC. Holy shit balls it would be epic.


Till Alabama's Julio Jones makes his presence felt again in a big way...


or he is gay! Georgia's newest verbally committed recruit, Douglass (GA) High School defensive lineman Garrison Smith, is not going to chase the pooney when he gets to Athens...

"I know a lot of people will laugh at me, but I'm trying to practice abstinence," Smith said. "That's a big thing for me."

Come on Man! There is no way he means those words. Look at the shirt he is wearing for the interview. "Fighting Beavers!" The kid probably has a Black Mamba and yet he doesn't want to slay the countless amounts of ass that will be thrown his way just because he plays in the red and black? I don't get it. I hope he is joking. He has to be joking around. He points out Shaun Alexander as a role model in his fight to not fuck before marriage but Alexander was full of shit. He chased skirt all the time. I met Alexander in Vegas a few years back and he mentioned how much he loved coming to Atlanta for the women during his college days. So no need to fight the beaver. Slay it like a man!

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Look! It's Erin Andrews naked! I think I see a boob in there!

-Yes, I have heard about the Erin Andrews peeping Tom video. The reason why I didn't post about it yesterday was because I kept reading about computer hackers using the tape as a way to put viruses into your computer. Fuck that! Erin Andrews as we all know was violated in what was suppose to be the privacy of her hotel room as some pervert videotaped her nude through some kind of high tech peep hole....Awesome! Kidding of course and I do find it pretty disturbing. Disturbing because it wasn't a sex tape. If I wanted to see Andrews naked I would just ask Kirk Herbstreit for some pictures. A sex tape is a whole different situation. We can only hope someday Corso might release the tape.

-Big Red Tommy Hanson is the real deal. A lot of prospects get a lot of hype and don't live up to your expectations once they reach the majors (Matt Wieters) but Big Red has not disappointed. Last night against the Wild Card leading San Francisco Giants he set an Atlanta Braves rookie record with 11 strikeouts over 7 innings. In his first 8 starts he has a 5-0 record including wins over the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. The Braves are kind of babying him right now in regards to keeping him on a fairly strict pitch count of 100 but as the season goes on I think they will let him pitch some complete games. He was hitting 95 on the radar gun in the 7th inning last night. He has filthy stuff and the Giants weren't exactly knocking him around late in the game. If the Braves are going to make a serious run for the Wild Card they are going to need Hanson to be effective every 5th or 6th day. Makes you wonder what Tom Glavine is up to these days. Not really eh?

-Notre Dame finalized a matchup with Army in Yankee Stadium for 2010. (crickets....crickets....crickets....crickets....crickets....crickets...crickets)
Sorry if I don't sound enthused Notre Dame fans but I really don't see the point in this game. They already have a game with Navy next year so what is the point of putting another military school on the schedule? Here is what the Notre Dame athletic director thinks:

"Any student of Notre Dame football history knows the meaning of the Notre Dame-Army rivalry and, in particular, the history of that rivalry at Yankee Stadium," ND athletic director Jack Swarbrick said in a statement.

Okay I get the tradition part but that was 60 years ago. It's not the same Yankee Stadium. It's not the same Army team. Army blows. And of course it's not the same Notre Dame who would travel anywhere and take on anyone. This isn't going to get people excited about college football in New York and the Northeast with the exception of Notre Dame diehards who just wanna see them play close to home. If Notre Dame once to be elite which I think they should strive for since they promise it to their students and alumni then they need to schedule more competitive games than Army and now apparently Tulsa:
The Tulsa (Okla.) World on Monday reported that Notre Dame and Tulsa are negotiating for an October 2010 game at South Bend.

"The two universities are in discussions to play football in the 2010 season," Don Tomkalski, Tulsa associate athletic director for communications, told the paper. "No contract has been signed."

Come on Notre Dame, grow some balls. And yes I know other schools schedule cream puffs but it seems like Notre Dame is trying to avoid major programs that they don't traditionally play. Any school would love to put Notre Dame on their schedule because it guarantees ticket sales and exposure. Instead of neutral site games in recruiting shitholes such as New York why not get a game scheduled in recruiting hotbeds like Atlanta, Dallas, New Orleans, etc. against top notch programs. Play Alabama in Atlanta. Play Texas in the new Cowboys Stadium. Take on one of the big 3 Florida programs in New Orleans. Those games help college football and help Notre Dame. Playing Army in Yankee Stadium just smells like shit to me.