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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Hey Urban Liar Snitches Get Stitches Shirt

From Gainesville to Ann Arbor to South Bend and beyond many in the college football world are yelling at Urban Meyer: "HEY URBAN LIAR, SNITCHES GET STITCHES!"

Now you can get the shirt that will be the hit at any tailgate, party, wedding, Sunday school, prison, etc. This is the people's shirt. Comes in both navy and royal. Pick your poison and feel free to snitch about it to everybody you know.

And before you even ask yes Aaron Hernandez has already bought a murderer's dozen for all his new buddies.

This is a Shirt we can back: Hugs For Votes #VoteFreddie

Atlanta Braves designated hugger/first baseman Freddie Freeman is in a competitive All-Star vote war with rookie sensation Yasiel Puig for the final spot. Of course everybody on ESPN has been shilling for Puig to make the All-Star team so some of Freeman's teammates thought it was time to show their support for their favorite hugger on the team. The t-shirt is a subtle hint that Freeman not only delivers the best hugs but he also delivers when runners are in scoring position and he deserves your vote. So do your part and #VoteFreddie today. ESPN even has the PTI guys doing their dirty work. This is openly campaigning for Puig to make the All-Star team despite only playing a little over one month of the season.