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Monday, August 08, 2011

Caddie Steve Williams Needs A Reality Check

Do you swing the clubs? Negative.

Do you play on the PGA Tour? Negative.

Have you made a shitload of money carrying a bag? Positive.

Did Tiger Woods make you a household name? Positive.

Are you an asshole for your attitude after Tiger fired you? Fucking A.

In conclusion "caddie" Steve Williams comes off as a positive A asshole for taking away the spotlight from Adam Scott's win yesterday at Bridgestone and putting it on himself. You are a fucking bag carrier and a prick to boot. Go suck on that Kiwi.

I'm going to the PGA Championship this week. I think I found my #1 guy to heckle. The douche who carries the sticks who thinks he is the winner of all these tournaments. How about having a little appreciation for Tiger giving you the opportunity to be his caddie? Unbelievable. Stevie comes off as a spoiled brat who just got his BMW taken away because he was late for curfew.

Alabama and Auburn are serious about their football...and their child support

It's called "Operation Iron Snare" and the Lee County (AL) Police Department set up the sting to snag parents who had failed to pay child support. The police department sent out letters to the parents who had failed to pay child support saying they had won tickets to the coveted Alabama_Auburn Iron Bowl Game. When the parent showed up they were arrested. Which makes you wonder why they wouldn't just arrest them at their homes if they knew where they lived? I'm not sure who I feel worse for: the parent or the police officers. Both come off as complete asses. You be the judge.