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Sunday, October 07, 2007

I'm back home so expect a lot more posts with an endless amount of fart jokes and mindless nudie pics sprinkled in between the two empty bottles of scotch.

It's all game now.

Notre Dame finally won.

USC blows.

Life is good.

You are a 41 point favorite at home against a doormat of a football program with a backup quarterback making his first start. You are suppose to dominate and beat the living shit out of Stanford if you are USC. What do you do? You lose in one of the biggest upsets in college football history.

And what do the pollsters do?

They drop them to #7 and #10 in the rankings.

Absolutely ridiculous.

Didn't Michigan lose at home to a huge underdog and not only drop out of the top 10 but also the rankings all together? The pollsters need to get off their knees and wipe the Pete Carroll crust off their filthy mouths. USC is not as good as you think they are. Repeat it to yourself again. USC is not that good.

Maybe then when you come to this conclusion will your balls finally decide to drop.

My sentiments exactly.