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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Do not come to my house if you want something good to eat...

Of course this can only be a case of pure racism on the part of the University of Washington president sending this letter to his fellow alums and fans of the Huskies football program...


Mark A. Emmert, President

October 29, 2007

Dear Husky Fans,

I have received email comments from you and your fellow fans about the state of Husky Football. As a native of Washington and a UW alumnus, I know very well the competitive traditions of our university. Like many of you, I grew up with Husky Football. I share your frustration and disappointment with the team’s current position. The same is true of everyone involved with the program.

I also know that the young men on our team are giving the UW everything they have. They are working hard and hanging together during this challenging time. As they do so, I intend to give them my full support and encouragement each and every game. They deserve no less. They are our Huskies, and they should be treated as such. There are five games to be played this season, and our team needs our support.

Sincerely yours,

Mark A. Emmert

301 Gerberding Hall • Box 351230 • Seattle, Washington 98195-1230 • 206-543-5010 • FAX: 206-616-1784

I'm not sure why the Huskies would want to fire Willingham. All though it may be true he sucks as a coach considering his record at Washington now sits at 9 wins and 22 losses, and with a loss this Saturday he will be the first coach in Huskies history to have 3 straight losing seasons. But the guy is a tireless recruiter people.

Just look at the class he is bringing in next season which is currently ranked an impressive 45th by Very impressive Ty. Or maybe it is the 36th ranked class the year before or even the 35th ranked class in 2006. Clearly he is bringing in better athletes every year to remedy the problems at Washington.

When contacted about the rumors of his eventual dismissal and the letter the president wrote to Husky fans, Willingham was again stoic yet eleqount and somewhat forceful with his response on why he is the right man to lead Washington back to gridiron success.


I couldn't have said it better myself.

Willingham at a recent recruiting visit.

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The Red Sox and Mike Lowell are ___.

I know what you are thinking and yes I agree: only Peter North could shoot such a load.

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You know it's hard to make me feel sympathetic for Ohio State fans and their buckstaches, but after watching this video of Penn State fans wasting good cold beer by throwing it as poorly as Anthony Morelli I now feel a little bad for the Buckeye faithful.

I think we now have a new shirt idea: "Penitentiary State".

What a bunch of dicks! God bless them for supporting such a shitty team.

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Anytime you can use a Top Gun reference you are golden.

We finally had a week full of non upsets so there wasn't much shakeup in regards to the new Sportscrack poll.

1. Ohio State Buckeyes-Absolutely destroyed Penn State in Happy Valley and proved they deserve the recognition as one of the top teams. Yes, the Big Ten blows but the Buckeyes have a really good defense if not the best in the nation. QB Todd Boeckman is third in the nation in QB rating while leading the Buckeyes to an undefeated record so far. Makes you wonder how valuable Troy Smith really was last year, or was he at all? The Buckeyes should be able to handle Wisconsin this week.

2. Oklahoma Sooners-The Sooners had a week off to regroup after a terrible overall performance against Iowa State the week before. This week they have Texas A&M in Norman at night. If Sam Bradford gets back to playing the way he did the first 6 weeks then the Sooners should have little trouble with the Aggies.

3. LSU Tigers-The Tigers had a week off to let Les Miles enormous balls enough time to let the swelling go down. They travel to Tuscaloosa to face Nick the Dick Saban and his new team the Crimson Tide. If they win on Saturday which I expect they will they should cruise the rest of the season into the SEC Championship game.

4. Oregon Ducks-I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Ducks beat USC while flipping in between the Georgia/Florida game. Jonathan Stewart proved again why he is the 2nd best back in the nation behind Darren McFadden and what else can you say about Dennis Dixon? Talk about coming out of hardly any expectations and proving himself as one of the best QBs in the nation this year. This weeks battle with Arizona State will determine not only who wins the PAC-10 but also could determine who is playing in the BCS Title game.

5. Boston College Eagles-Great win on Thursday night in Blacksburg. Lucky to recover an onside kick, I have to hand it to the Eagles for not giving up and scoring two late touchdowns to steal the game. They have the Criminoles this week in Chestnut Hill and we all know how big of a mess they are still.

6. Arizona State SunDevils-Well there is no doubting Dennis Erickson and his ability to revive a program. Rudy Carpenter is a little banged up with a sprained throwing thumb and could have a tough time in Eugene this week. Actually I think he will have a real tough time with the Ducks with or without a good thumb.

7. West Fuckin Virginia Mountaineers-Rocking and rolling since the loss to South Florida, West Virginia has a week off to prepare for Louisville next Thursday night. If they destroy the Cardinals as I expect then they are in the thick of the BCS Title talk once again.

8. Kansas Jayhawks-Aqib Talib is one of the best defensive players I have seen this year. I'm serious. The guy is a shutdown corner and reminds me a lot of Champ Bailey when he was at Georgia. The Fighting Manginos continue to roll and play Nebraska this week. It could get ugly, very ugly.

9. Missouri Tigers-Colorado has ruined a lot of seasons for the Tigers and this Saturday in Boulder could be another one.

10. Georgia Bulldogs-I had no problem with the way the Georgia players reacted after scoring their first touchdown against Florida. The college game is all about passion and emotion and the Bulldogs finally let loose on the Gators and showed they are a legit contender for the SEC East.

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