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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

USC Trojans Denied Appeal By The NCAA

The dirty filthy Trojans of USC were hoping to get off sanctions with an appeal to the NCAA. Well those dickheads found out today that their appeal has been denied. USC will be on probation and will still lose 30 football scholarships plus they can't play in a bowl game according to

Wednesday, according to multiple sources inside and outside the university, the final decision of the NCAA's Infractions Appeals Committee was in hand and being reviewed by USC before its Thursday release by the NCAA.

And it's not good news for USC football.

Despite speculation and media reports that there might be a willingness on the part of the NCAA to listen favorably to a USC appeal that had asked that the 30 scholarships lost over three years with a maximum of 75 allowed and a two-year postseason bowl ban be cut in half,'s sources indicate that USC's appeal has been denied completely.

The Trojans football team will be allowed to sign no more than 15 players to scholarships for the next three seasons (against a top limit of 25 for schools not under sanction).

And of even more immediate impact, USC would not be able to compete for the first-ever Pac-12 championship or appear in the first-ever postseason championship game in 2011 as well.

Of further concern, the NCAA's unprecedented additional sanction allowing players affected by the postseason ban this year to immediately transfer to another institution without sitting out a season would still be in play for this year's seniors.

It's a good thing head coach Lane Kiffin keeps selling recruits his blatant lies about the sanctions being removed. With USC football being irrelevant for the next 5 or so years (one could argue it was irrelevant as soon as they hired Kiffin) it will be interesting to see how the power shifts west of the Mississippi River. We all know Texas was down last season and Oklahoma plays like shit in the BCS Bowls for the most part so is this the opportunity for a school like Oregon to take full advantage of USC's plight and start dominating the West Coast? I think so. They already stole 5 star recruit and admitted USC fan De'Anthony Thomas from the Trojan's backyard last season. Oregon is the new USC.

Suck it Trojans!

It's So Hard To Say Good Bye To Oprah Winfrey

I can just see it now. Tate Forcier wondering who Oprah Winfrey is. Come to think of it maybe I wish I was as dumb as Forcier.

Tate Forcier Obviously Is Geographically Illiterate

Now we know why Tate Forcier flunked out of Michigan last season. The sophomore who started all 12 games for the Wolverines during his freshman season but saw limited time as a sophomore thanks to Shoelace transferred from Michigan and was supposedly headed to Miami. That is before he looked at a map and realized "Da U" is on the exact opposite coast of where he would like to be playing. There is no reason for me to explain any further. Here is what the "student" athlete had to say in regards to his transfer....

"I just didn't feel comfortable and wanted to be closer to home," Forcier said. "Miami is completely on the other side of the country. It would have been fun playing there. But I just wanted to be closer so my parents can afford to come to the games."

Ok that would make sense. He wants to be close to family and it had nothing to do with playing time or not getting along with new Miami head coach Al Golden who doesn't put up with me-first attitudes. It's all about geography and being close to California. So what school is he looking at now you ask?

"I'm looking into Auburn," Forcier said.

Seriously? How did this 'tard ever qualify to play at Michigan? Last time I checked Auburn was in Alabama. It's not exactly a short car ride away from California. You never go full retard Tate. Never.

WTF is Ray Lewis talking about?

Now I'm definitely convinced he killed those guys in Buckhead. If anyone wants to know what the rapture looks like then just stare in Lewis' eyes for a moment. The greatest middle linebacker to ever play in the NFL thinks in all honesty the lockout is going to lead to an increase in crime. What the fuck is he talking about? Personally I don't agree with him. Now would I say that to his face? Hell no! I value my life.

In conclusion Ray Lewis is a bat shit crazy dude who is bound to go on a crime spree if the NFL Lockout doesn't end. Your move owners.

Kim Kardashian is engaged to Nets Forward Kris Humphries

Who the fuck is Kris Humphries? Apparently he plays for the New Jersey Nets and is engaged to Kim Kardashian. That's who. The reality star who is famous for her sex tape with Ray J (NSFW link) and who dated Reggie Bush before meeting Humphries is now engaged to some guy I had never heard of before today. They have only been dating for six months and he is about two feet taller than she is. It should work out well between these two lovebirds. She got the athlete and he doesn't need to worry about spreading any NBA STD's since Kim already has them. Just another fairy tale story.

Barry Bonds Is Actually A Good Guy

Forget about the smug attitude. Forget about the huge head that orbits our Earth which was caused by cow steroids. Forget about the surliness and the fact that most of his teammates couldn't stand him let alone the general public. Forget about all that because...wait for it...Barry Bonds is actually a good guy.

Bonds has agreed to pay for the college educations of the two young children of San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow, the single father who was beaten into a coma at Dodgers Chavez Ravine Stadium after Opening Night. Yes sir, Bonds, despite all his legal troubles is willing to stick his own neck out for two kids he doesn't even know.

Well, here's a move that both sides should finally be able to agree on: Bonds has pledged to pay any future college bills for the two grade-school age children of Bryan Stow, the single father and San Francisco Giants fan who was beaten into a coma by two men after attending the opening night game at Dodger Stadium on March 31.
That little heartwarming nugget was revealed by Stow's attorney Thomas Girardi — and first reported by NBC Bay Area — as he announced a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Tuesday for allegedly providing inadequate security at the stadium that night.
Girardi said that donations already made by generous fans of the Giants, Dodgers and other teams will be passed onto other charities if their lawsuit is successful. But the hefty gift from Bonds? Well, that means so much to Stow's family that it's the one they definitely plan on keeping.
One of the coolest parts about this donation is that Bonds made it over a month ago when he visited Stow in a southern California hospital on April 22. No mention was made to the media then and it looks like it would have still been a secret had Girardi not revealed it to the media. Even if you've always been a Bonds hater, there's no way you can say this wasn't done for all the right reasons.

I'm as big of a Bonds hater as anybody but even this story made me change my view on the embattled slugger. I'm still not giving him a pass for juicing and I'm certainly not endorsing him for Cooperstown but I am endorsing him as a good human being. Bonds didn't have to do anything for Stow and his children. He didn't even want the media coverage. But he got both done and I say bravo to Bonds. You earned a tip of the hat from SportsCrack today.

The Navy Seal Who Killed Osama Bin Laden Has Been Revealed

It's about fucking time we found out who the Navy Seal was. An American Hero? Fuck yeah.