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Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I consider myself a mutt when it comes to conservatives and liberals. I have a little bit of both in me and can see the sides of both arguments for the most part when it comes to politics. Georgia as a whole is about as Christian conservative as they come. I tend to not get along with these people for the most part. They always want to inject religion into every conversation and down here it's part of the law. Sodomy is a jail able offense in Georgia because it is not a means to procreate. So is pulling out but whatever.

What really ticks me off about Georgia is the ban of alcohol sales on Sundays. Yes, on Sunday, the holy day as they call it down here you can not buy beer or alcohol in stores. You can still go to a restaurant or bar and be served but you can't buy a six pack at your local Publix grocery store. It's a dumb law that really makes no sense. After all Jesus was the biggest pot head, whiskey drinking person who ever lived. The guy had long hair and claimed he was God's son. Sounds like a drunk hippy to me.

Anyways, most of Georgians want to have the ability to buy alcohol on Sundays. Recent polls conducted by the Atlanta Journal have indicated more than 70% of residents think alcohol sales on Sunday should be allowed. But the Georgia lawmakers disagree with them...

The sponsor of legislation allowing voters the chance to vote on Sunday alcohol sales at stores withdrew his bill when he realized he could not get it passed out of the Senate Regulated Industries Committee Wednesday.

The committee was supposed to vote on the bill Wednesday, but supporters knew by the time the meeting began that they wouldn’t have enough votes to pass it.

It marked the third consecutive year the bill to allow Sunday sales has stalled in the Senate.

Sen. Seth Harp (R-Midland), said he would bring the bill back up in the future and supporters hinted they would make it a campaign issue next year.

So instead of collecting taxes on alcohol sales on Sundays they instead agree to not listen to the public again. The same people who vote them in. It makes absolutely no sense to ban alcohol sales on Sundays. Whatever happened to separation of church and state? The main culprit down here is Republican Governor Sonny Perdue. He is a dumb hick who has never drink had a drink in his life. Perdue believes since he doesn't do it then nobody should do it on the Sabbath. Thankfully he can't go for re-election in 2010 because he is term limited. Hopefully common sense down here in the Peach State will prevail as soon as Perdue leaves.

Ok, I will now get off of my soapbox. Sorry about that. Anybody want a beer? All this talking about alcohol is making me thirsty.


Well done sir. Well done.

Reminds me of the time my friends pulled a prank with me when I went in for a routine checkup. It wasn't warts. Only herpes.

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Well, any chance of the Terps sliding into the tournament this year with their regular season record faded with this facial dunk by Wake Forest's Jeff Teague on Maryland's Senior Night...

The only way Maryland can make it to the tourney now is if they go on a magical run and win the ACC Tournament. They simply don't have the players to do it. Their point guard Vasquez is too erratic and hyperactive in my opinion. They have too many highs and way too many lows dictated on his play alone.

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The MLB Network's Matt Vasgersian is pretty good at his job. So good that he likes to blurt out the F word when it comes to messing up the comparison to Fernando Valenzuela by using the name of Fernando Vina. Personally I don't care if Vasgersian uses the word and I don't think he should get reprimanded because he is on cable. When asked about the F bomb being blurted on live air Bud Selig claimed "We had no idea he said it and could find no evidence of wrong doing, this case is closed!"

By the way the MLB Network is great. They talk about all the teams and show highlights from all the games unlike those 4 letter dickheads in Bristol. If you like baseball you will love the MLB Network.

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