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Thursday, February 06, 2014

One of the Worst Officiating Calls Ever: Kyle Lowry Called For Offensive and Technical Fouls on Fade Away 3-Point Shot

Seriously what the fuck was the ref looking at?  Did he think Toronto Raptor's Kyle Lowry was trying to trip up the defender?  It just makes no sense why he would be called for an offensive foul and then to top it off he gets a technical for running away and not arguing it.  The NBA is fucking terrible.  It's all flopping and bull shit calls like this.

Also it's baffling how the head coach, the player, and his teammates didn't go ape shit when this call was made.  It just goes to show you they care more about the zeroes in their paycheck then the principle of winning.

Rumor Going Around Phil Knight Wants To Turn The Denver Broncos Uniform Into Oregon of the NFL

Via Reddit comes news of Nike's Phil Knight wanting to turn the Denver Broncos uniform into the  Oregon Ducks of the NFL.  I've also heard a good possibility the Broncos new helmet will be made and designed by HydroGraphics who do the Oregon and Notre Dame helmets.

Anyways to make this post actually worth your time reading it, I too saw the rumors yesterday about your team possibly being in the market for new uniforms. I called up my buddy and asked him if there was any truth to the rumors. Here's what he had to say:
Yes, you are getting new uniforms
This has been in the making since Nike took over
Until this past Sunday's events, Orange was to be the primary
Orange is no longer the primary as of Monday morning and Nike has been green lit to test a new color scheme
The Uniforms have a deadline of the 2015 Draft
This is the longest uniform project Nike has ever undertaken, and just like in 97 the Broncos will be given a template completely unique to them, not even Oregon will have this template for a couple years
A new logo is in the works
Phil Knight wants the Broncos to become the Oregon of the NFL. The team holds a special place in his heart as the first football team to let Nike have complete control over a design.
So there you have it Denver. Official news should come out around the beginning of next season. Nike is going to hype up this reveal big time.
EDIT: This is starting to get big time attention so I've deleted my source from this post to protect him. He assures me nothing I've shared violates his NDA, as I have revealed no official colors, themes, or uniform features.

Personally I love the idea.  I wish my Atlanta Falcons were doing something like this.  What do you think about new uniforms only for the Denver Broncos next season?

Marshawn Lynch's SuperBowl Parade Included a Fan's Fireball Whiskey

Now that is what we call "Beast Mode."  If Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch wants his Fireball Whiskey then you sure as hell better give it to him.  Cops estimated over 700,000 people showed up for the victory parade yesterday in Seattle and Marshawn with all of his infinite talents spotted the one dude who had Fireball in the crowd.  Moving duck boat be damned if Marshawn wants his Fireball then Marshawn is going to get it.

Via LarryBrownSports