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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Video of Tom Brady's Knee Getting Shredded

Buh-bye sweet prince. I guess we can go ahead and scratch out the New England Patriots as Super Bowl contenders. Oh wait never mind. They got Tebow. Hallelujah. The Messiah is back!

Which New Coach in the SEC Has the More Embarrassing Song: Butch Jones or Brett Bielema?

The SEC fan bases can be a little "eccentric" at times. In other words they are so obsessed with their teams they have to find a way to express their love and devotion through musical lyrics. Unfortunately for new head coach Butch Jones some dipshit...I mean "fanatic"...created a song in honor of the first year coach. It's about as pretty as the checkered end zones in Neyland.

And not to be outdone are the Arkansas faithful with "I'm a Bielemer" tribute song.

So which one is more embarrassing?

I got to go with Arkansas. Only because two assholes decided to participate in it.

It's Been 700 Days Since Michigan Scored A Touchdown vs Notre Dame

We are still 17 long days till college football kicks off but that is nothing in compared to the last time Michigan scored a touchdown against Notre Dame. It's been 700 days. I wouldn't worry about Michigan though. They are a really close knit team.

Those two were made for each other.