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Monday, February 21, 2011

Braves GM Frank Wren thinks the defense isn't a concern

Atlanta Braves GM Frank Wren must be living near a meth house if he honestly doesn't think defense is a concern for his ballclub after last year's disastrous performance in the field. Stop breathing in those fumes asshole. Defense is extremely important when it comes to playing winning baseball. Maybe not as important as pitching but it's right up there. Here is what Wren had to say about the defense. And remember last year the Braves committed 126 errors (1 off the league high) and now have a second baseman in Dan Uggla who has the most errors for a 2bagger for the past two seasons. And oh yeah Chipper ain't exactly Brooksie over at the hot corner with his bum knees.

“At the end of the day, I don’t think errors contribute a great deal to losses,” Braves general manager Frank Wren said. “I mean, that [126 errors] is still less than an error a game. And it depends on when the errors happens. With nobody on, you boot a ground ball and then you get a double play, it’s an error. But all errors aren’t created equal.

“I think that’s much overblown. When you put together your team, it’s the full contribution of players. What they do, whether it’s running the bases, or offensively, there’s lots of other things that guys can do, which add to your ballclub.”

I guess Wren decided not to watch Brooks Conrad personally butcher the playoff series with the Giants last year because I'm pretty sure his defense fucked us in that game. I also tend to remember a lot of wins literally being thrown away because of crucial errors from our infielders including one Brian McCann. But yeah defense isn't a major concern at all. Especially with your starting All Star second baseman Martin Prado playing left field for the very first time (Prado should be at second base IMO while Uggla should be in left). Listen Wren. Defense wins you games. Especially in the playoffs. So don't be a dickhead and say it's not a concern.

I'm not nearly as optimistic about the Braves chances this year as I was last year. Last year I thought they could make a run for the World Series because it was Bobby's last year and the pitching could get them over the hump come playoff time. This year I have my doubts they even make the playoffs. The Braves have some potentially huge holes at both corners of the infield (Freddie Freeman is a rookie who only hit .167 during his short time in Atlanta and Chipper Jones is 39 and coming off another knee injury) and the outfield has potential with Jason Heyward (trying to forget his disastrous second half and brutal playoff performance) evolving into the superstar we all know he can be and Prado having another MVP season but does anybody in the Braves organization really expect anything from CF Nate McLouth? The problem with the Braves last season was they had horrible defense, didn't have good baserunners, and the lineup didn't have much pop. This year the defense looks like it will again be average to awful while there are still no speed guys and Uggla does bring the pop but what do they really expect to get out of premium power hitting positions such as 1B, 3B, and CF? Because right now I don't expect too much out of Freeman, McLouth and Chipper this season for various reasons (rookie mistakes to self confidence issues to washed up superstar).

And I'm not even going to mention the pitching which could potentially be league average. In order for the Braves to reach the playoffs they need to have great pitching and great defense this season. If Wren doesn't see it then either he is fooling himself or is just a fool. Hopefully just the first option.

News Anchor gets burned by co-worker

Well played. The guy kind of deserved it right? I mean you don't leave yourself open to that burn especially if you got a small pecker.

Aaron Murray breaks ankle in two places UPDATE: JUST A SPRAIN

According to Zach Dillard over at Georgia starting quarterback Aaron Murray has broken his ankle in two places.

Update: Official word on the injury is set to be released by Georgia later today after Murray is checked out by the team’s medical staff.

Georgia starting quarterback Aaron Murray has suffered an ankle injury, though the severity of the injury has not been officially announced yet.

Team sources say Murray’s right ankle is broken in two places, but associate athletic director Claude Felton was not available to confirm or deny the report.

Team sources say that Murray broke the ankle participating in an activity with teammates and friends on Saturday afternoon. Murray was rushed to team doctors after suffering the injury.

Murray was seen using crutches around campus Monday.

Murray was a candidate for SEC freshman of the year after an excellent showing in his first year at the helm of the Bulldogs’ offense. He accumulated 3,049 passing yards and 24 touchdowns in the regular season, while throwing just six interceptions.

He is slated to be the starter at quarterback again next season.

If the ankle is broken, it would likely hold Murray out of all of spring practice, creating another setback for a program looking to bounce back from a disappointing 6-7 season.

If this is true then it's another huge blow to the Georgia football program. Murray in my mind was the best freshman qb (albeit redshirt) in the nation and has the potential to lead the Bulldogs back to the promise land of a SEC Championship. Without him Georgia is in a word: fucked. The depth chart at QB includes sophomore Hutson Mason who has very little experience and incoming true freshman Christian LeMay who did not even play his senior year in high school. If Georgia is to contend for the SEC East in 2011 they are going to need a healthy Murray especially with the losses on the offensive line and some receiver called A.J. Green, you may have heard of him.

UPDATE: Bulldog Nation can take a deep breath and exhale. Murray's injury is diagnosed as a minor sprain of the right ankle. His x-rays were negative and he will be ready for spring practice. The injury occurred during a pick-up soccer game in Athens on Saturday.

Fuck You Minnesota! The Twins unveil a Hrbek-Gant bobblehead

It's been 20 years now but I still remember this absolute bullshit play from the 1991 World Series. Minnesota Twin's first baseman Kent Hrbek pulled the ultimate dick move and literally carried Atlanta Braves outfielder Ron Gant off the bag at first base like he was Ric Flair. It was a garbage play and of course with the Braves luck the umpire called out Gant. Fucking shit it still pisses me off. Not as bad as the Jeffrey Mayer call but it's a close second. Well just to prove how big of a dick the whole state of Minnesota is the Twins are coming out with the Hrbek-Gant bobblehead giveaway this season to commerate it. I'm not even shittin ya. A bobblehead to display a play which cheated their way to a 4-3 series win. Fuck you Minnesota! Fuck you!

By the way the bobblehead sucks. Hrbek isn't nearly fat enough and there is no way Roberto Kelly was pulled off the bag. Oh that's suppose to be Ron Gant? Could have fooled me assholes!

Kobe throws down the Black Mamba in Lebron's face

This is for all the Lebron cock gobblers out there. While Lebron was messing around and getting a triple double Kobe was throwing down dunks and hitting threes and winning the MVP while leading his team to another victory. Kobe>Lebron? You be the judge.

Blake Griffin's 360 behind-the-head dunk

This was the 2011 Dunk Contest winner's first dunk of the night. It was also Blake Griffin's best dunk. The over the car dunk was cool but I don't think the difficulty was as high as this one. Watching it in slow motion is a thing of beauty.

The most impressive dunk of the night and the guy who probably could have won it if it didn't come down to fan voting was Washington's JaVale McGee with this double dunk...

Unfuckinbelievable. The 2011 Dunk Contest was the best ever in my opinion. The first round was insane with all 4 contestants nailing poster perfect dunks. Check out this legit behind the free throw line dunk from Air Congo Serge Ibaka...

...and he finished last. The NBA put on a great show Saturday night. Nobody got killed which is always a plus.