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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We Are Off To Ireland

Ruh roh. Forget about Hurricane Isaac. Hurricane SportsCrack is about to invade Ireland. It's going to get ugly no doubt. No one will be spared.

I'm about to board a flight with my Dad to the Motherland. Many of pints will be consumed. Golf clubs will be swung..badly. And of course we will be watching the "Fighting Irish" of Notre Dame destroy the Naval Academy on Saturday.

There will be no shipping of our kick ass SportsCrack shirts between August 29th-September 2nd. So please don't email me, call me, or ask me where your shirt is. I'm on vacation bitches! And the only thing I'm worried about is my liver surviving on "MY ISLAND." When I get back everything will be back to normal...translation I will be back and drinking on the job as usual.

Peace and Go Irish!