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Monday, April 13, 2009


In honor of porn star Marilyn Chambers, who passed away today, Milwaukee Brewers second baseman does his best impersonation of a facial...

Marilyn would have been proud. She took facials like a champ and so did Weeks on this pitch. Mike Piazza took in the rear at the christening of Citi Park to pay his respects. True story.

Big props goes out to Weeks. The guy actually stayed in the game. Ladainian Tomlinson could learn something from Weeks. How not to be a pussy.


It's been a tough week for baseball fans. First we lose 22 year old pitching sensation Nick Adenhart of the Anaheim Angels and then today we lose legendary Phillies Hall of Fame announcer Harry Kalas as the age of 73. Kalas with his distinctive voice that used to crackle "Outta here" will be sorely missed to not only Philly fans but sports fans worldwide. He provided voice over commentary for NFL Films which made him sound like God. Seriously, as a kid I thought Kalas voice was God. Here is how I will choose to remember Kalas, as the play-by-play Phillies announcer since 1971 calling the final out of the 2008 World Series...


As if getting their asses kicked on national television wasn't worse enough, what in the hell happened to the Celtic's Ray Allen yesterday? I know the heat of the battle can get the most of some people but I have never thought about elbowing some guy in the nuts. He might as well used Varejao balls as a speedbag. That's just low man. Real low. Too low. Ray Allen better get suspended for a while by David Stern.

The Celtics are crumbling quickly. Ever since they got Starbury they haven't seemed the same. It was a bad move chemistry wise and it doesn't help to lose KG for an extended period of time. Right now the Cavs have to be the overwhelming favorite in the East because they will have home court advantage and have lost just one game in Cleveland all season. Plus they got the best player in the game in Lebron and have the experience of reaching a NBA Finals.

But what about the Magic with Dwight Howard and the Atlanta Hawks with a team that almost beat the Celtics in the first round last year? Could they come up with a couple of upsets and win the East? Sure they could but my money right now is on the Cavaliers. When you get guys like Ray Allen taking low blows then you know people fear you. Right now the Cavaliers are scaring a lot of people.

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Sublime could have gone on to do even more great things if lead singer Bradley Nowell didn't die of a heroin overdose. At least they left us with this awesome jam...Santeria.


Other than this random boob grab on the 15th hole yesterday the Masters coverage on ESPN and CBS sucked. As you probably know I'm not a huge golf fan but I love to watch the Masters. It's suppose to be the best golf tournament in the world yet we only get 3-4 hours of live coverage per day? I want to see every hole and not just the back nine with the leaders. They didn't start live coverage till 3:30 on Saturday which meant all of America missed Tiger's third round for the most part. That seems pretty smart on their part. The one player that everybody identifies with and knows is shown for all of ten minutes finishing up his round. I was forced to watch the coverage on the internet via which just isn't the same as watching it on live HD television.

Both Tiger and especially Phil put on a hell of a show. Phil's front nine 30 was one of the best stretches of clutch golf that I have ever seen. I don't like Phil but I found myself rooting for him. You could see Tiger seething as Phil was getting the crowd behind him. Both players would wind up non factors though as Kenny Perry appeared to be on the cusp of winning his first major. A Masters green jacket no less. But then it all came crashing down. He finished bogey bogey on 17th and 18th to blow a two stroke lead and force a 3 man sudden death playoff with Chad Campbell and Angel Cabrera.

And of course the one guy who doesn't speak English wins as Cabrera captured his second major on the 2nd playoff hole because Perry and Campbell choked. It was memorable because of the Perry choke. It could have been even more memorable if we could have the option of watching more coverage starting in the morning. They only play this little golf tournament once a year. I don't think it's asking too much to start showing live coverage beginning at 10 am all four rounds. If I want it I sure as hell know golf fanatics want it.

And more boob grabs too while were at it.

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