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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Let me start off by first saying that I love the MLB Network. If you are a baseball fan it is the greatest thing to happen since Albert Pujols passed his drug test. ESPN's coverage of baseball is so GD awful and bias that it is hard to stomach. So the MLB Network coming along is a great thing because you know, they actually talk about teams other than the big market ones that are near Bristol. Matt Vasgersian can be pretty witty and funny. Obviously he was going for both right here with Mitch Williams and Billy Ripken in the studio and wasn't serious. So if anybody thinks Vasgersian is racist for mentioning that the EMT was Donovan McNabb obviously doesn't understand racist humor. See, as long as you laugh it isn't racist. I laughed. Not racist. End of story. You can find my Irish ass drinking at the local watering hole after work if you want to discuss the merits of racist jokes. Oh, don't worry, I've been drinking all day in case you were wondering.

Video HT: WithLeather

UPDATE:Vasgersian offered up an apology last night on the MLB Network for his poor timing and attempt at humor...


Notre Dame football players Robby Parris, Pat Kuntz, Armando Allen, and James Aldridge have their own version of the 7th floor crew. The "Bend But Don't Break" song features recent grad and new Indianapolis Colt defensive lineman Pat Kuntz rocking the wife beater and the cut off jean shorts. Sounds like a Florida Gator to me. Parris is in the Titleist hat and will be right behind Michael Floyd and Golden Tate on the depth chart this fall at wide receiver. Armando sounds like he has the most flow and I will forgive him for wearing the Yankees hat. Just get in the end zone this fall Armando and all will be forgotten. And "The Moose" James Aldridge is on the backup vocals. He will be trying to survive his senior season in South Bend at fullback after a switch from tailback due to injuries and depth chart issues.

I'm kind of disappointed they didn't get down and dirty like former Miami Hurricanes players Greg Olsen(a ND transfer), Jon Beason, Darnell Jenkins, and Tavares Gooden with the 7th floor crew...

Actually, maybe it's a good thing they didn't get too dirty. The media would have a field day if Notre Dame football players were rapping about sex acts. Now that I think about it this will probably be controversial because it involves talk about loving "the green", guns and getting money from Notre Dame football players at a school that preaches Catholic values. Oh well, they will have to get over it.