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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Drunk Milwaukee Brewers Fan Faceplants and Then Pisses All Over Himself

What the hell Milwaukee? I thought every single kid who got pissed drunk at Brewers games were required to wear the Hebrew Hammer shirt. I guess I was wrong. First that Casey Anthony chick gets off with murdering her daughter and now this shit happens. I'm kind of ashamed to call this America. You can make it up to me though. Buy some shit and take back our country!!!

I gotta give the kid a solid 8 in drunk execution. It's not too often you can recover from a faceplant with a straight pissing all over yourself. The kid decided to go all out. Now if only he would have thrown a phantom punch at one of the officers then he would have completed the ultimate trifecta in "how to be that guy!"

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Fausto Carmona runs the bases with the grace of a drunk

Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Fausto Carmona should probably stay in the American League so he doesn't have to run the bases anymore. He took quite the tumble this weekend in Cincinnati. He looks like one of those kids on spring break who tried on too many whip its and decided to make a run for it once they heard the cops. I'm not going to say I looked like this this past holiday weekend but I'm not exactly going to deny it if there is evidence out there.