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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lane Kiffin Being Lane Kiffin: Walks Out of Press Conference

Oh how we love thee Lane Kiffin. You know it's pretty bad when even USC grads and fans are fucking embarrassed to have this dick as their head coach. While he wasn't busy enough to throw his quarterback and senior captain Matt Barkley under the bus for the loss on Saturday to Stanford he obviously doesn't have the time now to answer any more questions from the media.

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Every College Football Fan in 53 Seconds

Brilliant. My favorite was the FSU fan.

The Orioles Call Up Top Pitching Prospect Dylan Bundy

With the Baltimore Orioles just finishing an 18-inning marathon win over the Seattle Mariners last night shortly before 4 AM they made an even bolder move than widening their wild card lead. They called up the top prospect in all of baseball Dylan Bundy.

Bundy was the 4th overall pick in last year's draft out of high school and now a little over a year is already in the big leagues at the ripe age of 19. Bundy went a combined 9-3 with a 2.08 ERA at three different minor-league levels so far this season.

The Orioles are clearly going for it all this season. With their first winning season secured in 15 years they have broken from the norm by calling up top prospects early when most of the experts viewed it as questionable at best. Manny Machado was called up a few months ago to fill in at third base. He has solidified their infield defense (Orioles haven't made an error in 10 games after leading the majors in the category) while also coming up with clutch hits. Machado just turned 20 and now Bundy the teenager will play a huge pivotal role in getting the Orioles back into the playoffs.

If you are an Orioles fan or baseball fan in general you have to be excited. The Orioles are a team full of young guys with some veterans that were cast aways and yet are tied with the New York Yankees for first place with 15 games to go. They are the David to the Yankees Goliath. In two weeks we will see how fresh faces like Bundy and Machado are able to cast their stones and slay the beast of the East.

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