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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Armands Skeele's Nearly Impossible Basketball Shot

I love how in the Youtube description it says "IMPOSSIBLE SHOT." Hey dipshits he fucking made the shot right? Then it's not "impossible." What a bunch of European assholes. Stick with your pastries and shitty coffee and leave the descriptions up to the Americans ok? Video via Sean

Virginia Tech Tailback David Wilson Can Do Backflips

Don't kill the messenger but I predict VaTech's David Wilson will have a better pro career than Alabama's Trent Richardson. Wilson isn't as big as Richardson but he is more elusive, has better speed, better hands and can catch the ball out of the backfield, and after watching this video he can apparently do a bunch of backflips without even using his hands. If the NFL Draft has proven anything it's that you can find good quality backs not in the top 20. Whoever drafts Wilson (most pundits have him going either late first or somewhere in the 2nd) will be getting a steal. This kid is going to tear it up and I pray that the Atlanta Falcons can somehow trade up to get him. Video via HotClicks