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Monday, November 08, 2010


1. AUBURN-I'm giving War Cam Eagle the nod here because they play in the toughest conference. They got wins over 3 top 25 teams including one in the top 10. They get Georgia at home this week. Win it and they can go ahead and make reservations for Atlanta for the SEC Championship.

2. TCU-I know I'm going to get some shit for putting them over Oregon but let me explain first. TCU destroyed Utah on the road. Crushed them. They also have the nation's best defense and their offense may not put as many points on the board as the Ducks but they are still averaging over 40 points a game. TCU just needs to win out and they will be playing for a National Title.

3. OREGON-The Ducks have crushed everybody this season and deserve the recognition they are getting from pollsters. There just seems to be something missing which I can't put my finger on in terms of ranking them above Auburn and TCU at this point. Maybe it's PAC-10 bias but the only good team they have beaten this year in my mind is Stanford. All they have to do is win out vs. Cal, Arizona, and Oregon State and they can play for a BCS Title game. I see them slipping up in one of those games.

4. BOISE STATE-All they do is win. They have the 2nd rank offense in the nation and they also have the 2nd rank defense. Kellen Moore will lead them to an undefeated season but it looks like they are going to need Oregon and Auburn to both lose in order to play for a BCS Title. They won't jump an undefeated TCU in my opinion.

5. STANFORD-They have the nation's best pro-style quarterback in Andrew Luck and they can stamp a trip to Pasadena if they win out. They have an outside shot of reaching a BCS Title game. The odds are about 1 in 2 billion but there is still a chance.

6. LSU-I don't know what to say about this team. They look ugly on the field but somehow they always manage to win. I guess having the best defensive player in the country in Patrick Peterson helps. The Mad Hatter did outcoach Nick Saban last week. Never thought I would say those words.

7. WISCONSIN-In the driver's seat for a trip to Pasadena if they can win out vs. Indiana, Michigan and Northwestern. Personally I hope they lose just because I have never enjoyed watching the Badgers. They are like the Miami Dolphins of college football. I just choose not to watch because they always bore the shit out of me and their coach is a jackass.

8. NEBRASKA-Survived a nail biter in overtime to Iowa State. The Cornhuskers look to regroup this week with Taylor Martinez back from injury vs Kansas. They need to put 50 on the board to impress the pollsters and try to get into the top 5.

9. OKLAHOMA STATE-Justin Blackmon has pretty much already clinched the Biletnikoff award for best receiver. The sophomore has been a beast this year with 75 catches for over 1200 yards and 15 TDs. He will put on a show this week vs Texas on primetime network television. He deserves serious Heisman consideration.

10. OHIO STATE-The Buckeyes are good but they have no signature wins. Miami is terrible and the rest of their out of conference schedules was cupcakes. The one good team they faced they lost in Wisconsin. They still have a shot at the Rose Bowl if they can win out.


Hey everyone! I'll apologize for Matt and I missing our picks from last week. I'm sure I can speak for him as well when I say the changes him and I have had in our personal lives have tended to take over a little bit! Those of you who know us personally know exactly what I'm talking about and I know that my family is so thankful for all of the congrats and support! I won't miss another week, unless there is an emergency, so whether you think my picks suck or not, you'll have to deal with them until Matt kicks me off.

Secondly, the company I work for and a team I am involved with through that company are working together to raise money for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta ( I'm not putting that out there for your money or any donations, but to say that the holiday season is close and there are tons of kids who simply need help to enjoy the holiday season. For whatever reason, their families are unable to help them, they have outstanding medical needs, they have been involved in a bad accident, who knows, but it's the time of year to give and I hope that you all consider sponsoring a child, giving to the Red Cross, even giving to the annoying people who ring bells for the Salvation Army. Tough times are the best times to give and to volunteer around our communities and just as Matt makes a donation from every single sale to a charitable organization (The American Cancer Society), I would encourage you all to look for ways to give back.

If you are interested in helping my teams cause for CHOA, we are accepting sponsorships for an upcoming Soap Box Derby where 100% of the sponsorship will go to CHOA, shoot me an email @ and I can email you with details.

Wherever you live, help make this holiday season less about what you receive and more about what you give and how you can help your community this season. Information about CHOA is below. Thanks guys, for reading, for commenting, and for caring! I personally wish all of you guys an amazing holiday season, yes even you Blake...

From the CHOA website:

About Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Enhancing the lives of children through excellence in patient care, research and education

Welcome to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. We are honored that you have trusted us to care for your child’s healthcare needs. We will do everything we can to help both you and your child feel comfortable, safe and secure. Please feel free to ask our staff questions. Let us know what we can do for you and your family.

At Children’s, we strive to enhance the lives of children through excellence in patient care, research and education. Whether treating an injured toddler in an emergency or supporting a teen through a series of chemotherapy treatments, we take our commitment to care for each and every child who comes through our doors very seriously. It’s through teamwork at every level of our organization and with you, the family, that we are able to achieve a high level of excellence in pediatric care.