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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Whether or not you are a Red Sox fan or hater you have to agree that Boston pitcher Josh Beckett deserved to get suspended by Major League Baseball. You don't throw at somebody's head because they call time. If his head was Mark you know who then that is okay. But not Bobby Abreu and the Anaheim Angels after the rough and emotional week they went through with Nick Adenhart's sudden death. Beckett deserves the 6 game suspension because he didn't apologize for the intentional throw and because he was a dick trying to start a fight after he threw the pitch.

Things are not starting off too hot in Boston. 2-5 record. Dustin Pedroia has a brother who likes little boys and girls and thus his hometown hates him as does he. And the red hot, division leading Baltimore Orioles are coming to Beantown this weekend. Things are getting very interesting. Surely Boston has to recover as it's only a week into the season but what if they don't? The Detroit Tigers never recovered last season. And they played in a much easier division then Boston. Ruh roh.