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Thursday, May 01, 2008


So many women are coming out of the "I banged Roger Clemens" closet(seriously Rocket, John Daly's ex-wife, that is just fucking gross) it is just a matter of time before Hillary Clinton admits using the Rocket for a revenge fuck.

The BCS has turned down any role of playoff because as ACC commissioner John Swofford declares, the BCS is an "unprecedented state of health." By state of health they mean the 11 conferences and Notre Dame are getting their pockets filled with confederate money. I find it humorous Notre Dame is even involved with these playoff talks and I think AD Kevin White should mind his own fucking business. Until Notre Dame actually wins a bowl game or joins a conference they have no right to even be involved in the discussion for a college football playoff. And yes, this is coming from a huge Notre Dame fan and supporter in myself.

How about those Orioles? Right now they can hit worth a shit(11th in the AL in runs scored) and don't have a regular player hitting over .300 but this team has something, an "it" factor, that makes you want to root for them to win every game. They sit in a tie for first place in their division and the players they acquired during the offseason(Scott, Jones, Sarfate, Albers, Sherrill, etc.) are all contributing. More good news for Orioles fans is the fact that high priced draft picks Matt Wieters and Jake Arrieta are both dominating in the minors and the O's organization finally seems to be on the right path in regards to paying for the best prospects and scouting the Dominicans.

While I appreciate the enthusiasm he displays, Matthew Stafford still has a long way to go before anybody should consider him a top 10 NFL pick. Stafford has been really consistent at being inconsistent and still needs to learn how to put some touch on the ball especially in the intermediate 5-15 yards crossing pattern plays. I'm not saying he isn't going to be a great quarterback but I think it is a little presumptuous to think he is going to have a great junior year and declare for the draft. On the other hand teammate Knowshon "Special K" Moreno looks like the real deal and should be right up there with Beanie Wells out of Ohio State as the best RB in college football and a good bet to come out after this season.

Talking about a shitty way to go out, how about dying at the hands, or make it jaws, of your favorite team's name? Adrian Ruiz died after being bitten by a gray shark and just happens to be a huge San Jose Sharks fan. Thank god Orioles and Thrashers aren't fierce birds and the Fightin Irish are too drunk to land a punch let alone piss in a commode.

It appears the great John Smoltz will be returning from the DL as a closer. Smoltzie was a beast for the 3 seasons when he closed for the Braves and nothing besides a bum shoulder and surgically repaired elbow is in his way of doing it again. I hate to say it but the Braves are already looking extremely old and thin in their rotation(Glavine and Hampton are no spring chickens either) and will be out of the playoff race come September. Unless of course they make a trade. Earn your paycheck Frank Wren.

Spurs are still winning the NBA Championship. Why should I even watch other than to listen to Charles Barkley? Substance over style wins Championships...