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Saturday, October 30, 2010


I'm having a hard time believing all my Georgia friends that they are the better team than Florida. Why? Because they are not. I think we might finally get a close battle today because both of these programs are going through transitions. Georgia and Florida are both out of the top 25 and neither has beaten anybody of significance. I know one thing for sure is the Dawgs have the better QB in Aaron Murray and he is going to be under pressure all day from a Gators defense. Expect blitzing all day. If Florida didn't have the extra week off I would probably be taking UGA but I think Urban Meyer has Florida ready to play their best game of the year.
Florida 20 vs. Georgia 17

Ducks vs Trojans (Oregon - 6.5)
Oregon has the most efficient offense in the country. The Trojans defense is young and gives up a ton of big plays. Last year the Ducks ran all over the filthy Trojans in Eugene. This year won't be any different. This game will be over by the end of the third quarter and LaMichael James makes his Heisman statement.
Oregon 49 vs Southern Cal 21

Michigan State(+6.5) vs Iowa
Iowa has to win to stay in the Big Ten race. Their backs are against the wall and if they lose they know they have a slim chance of reaching a New Years Day bowl. Sparty is still undefeated and riding a magical season. They are the only undefeated Big Ten team left but have been winning narrowly much like Iowa did last season. The magic ends today.
Iowa 30 vs Michigan State 28

Nebraska vs Missouri (+7)
I know this will sound dumb to Missouri fans because Nebraska is their biggest rival but this is a classic letdown game. They pulled off the shocker last week in beating Oklahoma. This week they got to travel to Nebraska who appeared to get their mojo back and more importantly their T-Magic working against Okie State last week. I think the Cornhuskers win but don't cover.
Nebraska 27 vs Missouri 24

Notre Dame vs Tulsa(+8)
It's been an awful week for Notre Dame. They got destroyed by Navy and then lost ND student/videographer Declan Sullivan to a horrible accident on their practice field a few days later. The Notre Dame community has come together for support but I still wonder when the football team comes together and plays as a team. The passion has been gone for a while and unfortunately the team looks like it is regressing again as the season progresses. Tulsa has an offense that can put a lot of points on the board (7th in the nation) and will come in to South Bend expecting to win against a deflated Notre Dame team.
Tulsa 31 vs Notre Dame 30

Friday, October 29, 2010


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WWTTDGD... AKA What Would Time To Die Guy Do? That must be the new saying in Gainesville. No more St. Tebow. Gay-tor fans are now praying to a new diety, Chris "TTDG" Rainey. I knew Meyer was a croc...

Jeff Schultz of the AJC picks against the Dawgs this week, but check out his weekend predictions anyway. I couldn't help but find this little excerpt hilarious. Schultz officially made my day.

I know. Georgia has the better quarterback. Georgia has the better running game. Georgia has the best player in the game (A.J. Green). Georgia even has the coach who didn’t drop-kick his conscience and morals this week. Florida coach Urban Meyer will bring back Time To Die Guy Chris Rainey. He will hand off to Time To Die Guy. He will throw to Time To Die Guy. I’m guessing he will even wear an wristband with the inspirational initials: “WWTTDGD.”

Chris "TTDG" Rainey's mug shot

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Week 9 and STILL The World's Largest Cocktail Party

AP Photo

I can promise you, my house will never be divided. My nephew once asked what I would do if he chose UF to play football, and I can promise you the kid will have an offer and he's only in 8th grade. I gently let him know that I'd make sure that I disowned him, his father (my brother and a huge ND and UGA fan) made sure to let him know he would never fund that decision, and my wife told him that living in the trailer parks in Gainesville were considered "cool". Think we like Florida?!?!? This year is the first in a few the Dawgs are actually favored and the first year in quite a few that I truly believe the boys will come through.

Week 9 is here and I honestly had trouble finding the relevant games to pick this week. Regardless, I can live with my 25-10 record, and this week, I'll be 5 - 0. Just for the hell of it, check out the girls of the SEC.
Courtesy of Cory McCartney

Dawgs vs. GAY-tors (UGA favored by 3)

Kelly Wegel

Dawgs get it done in Jacksonville. Look, Florida has proven they are not very good. The story is that Brantley isn't have the Saint Tebow was and Meyer isn't a quarter of the man anyone thought he was. Come on, Rainey is coming back?!?!? I believe in 2nd chances, but if he threatened my daughter, court and playing time wouldn't be near the top of his troubles. As "good of a guy" as Meyer claims to be, there is a fine line in screwing up and threatening to kill someone. Domestic violence shouldn't be tolerated and I don't think Chris Rainey is the kind of difference maker UGA lost the first four games in AJ Green. The UF defense looked good, for a minute, but has begun to break, and though Urban Meyer has only lost 3 games in his career after a bye week, I'm not sure that Florida has what it takes to beat a much improved UGA team. Coach Grantham has his defense ready to play, Coach Richt is continuing to coach for his job and Aaron Murray has proven to be by far the better Florida QB between him and Brantley. I'm thinking this year will be a good year for UGA and hoping that they will start a new tradition of not losing to UF consistently, ever again. Take the Dawgs to win and cover the spread.

UGA 31 vs UF 21

Ducks vs Trojans (Oregon favored by 6.5)
I think that the Trojan condom wrapper may have a better chance of containing the highly explosive Oregon offense. I can't disagree with Auburn being the #1 team in the BCS poles, but Oregon deserves any and every honor they get this year. The offense is ridiculous, the defense is talented, and they are coached by someone who means business. Don't get me wrong, the boys of the University of Spoiled Children are talented, but when they lost Pete Carroll, they lost a lot more than a coach. Lame Kiffin does not deserve to coach in the college ranks. He is unloyal, he is unethical, and he has never truly proven to be worthy of a head coaching job. It says something about a coach when his dad has to be around him 24/7 and still can't keep him in line. He screwed up Tennessee for years to come and now he's working on USC too. Sorry Trojan fans for your loss and I hope your AD has the sense to bring in a respectable coach soon to turn the ship around before it's too late. Barkley is going to have a good game, but the Trojans don't score nearly enough to keep up with the Ducks. Ducks easily cover the spread.

Oregon 45 vs Southern Cal 17

Michigan State vs Iowa (Iowa favored by 6.5)
Look, don't piss those corn fed Iowa boys off, period. Mark Dantonio's team has put together a special season, but the win one for the gipper routine only lasts so long. Iowa is hungry after losing a tough game last week to Wisconsin at home and Ricky Stanzi is out to prove he'll win another big game. The Hawkeyes won't let their fans down like that again at home and the Hawkeyes O and D line should dominate this game. I'm going to take Iowa for the win, but not to cover the spread. This looks like a hell of a game and I'm not looking forward to missing it while watching UGA stomp Florida. There are always commercial breaks. Iowa wins by 6.

Iowa 23 vs Michigan State 17

Nebraska vs Missouri (Nebraska favored by 7)
With an apology to my family in St. Louis, your undefeated season and hopes for the National Championship end here, if you ever had those hopes at all. Sorry Tiger fans, Nebraska is too good and T-Magic has responded to the criticism. Nebraska is back to being the type of team my father used to brag about when I was a kid. The boys are fast, strong, big, and very good. Huskers beat up on the Tigers and cover the spread.

Nebraska 27 vs Missouri 17

Notre Dame vs Tulsa (Notre Dame favored by 8)
Tulsa may be more than Notre Dame can handle, but after playing awful the last few weeks, I've got to believe the Leprechauns start to turn things around. They are too talented not to, aren't they? Let's hope so. Take Notre Dame buy not the spread. Irish by 7.

Irish 28 vs Tulsa 21


Via MidWestSportsFan comes the almost dead on Ron Washington Halloween costume. Put a little booger sugar around the nose and fingertips and you got a dead ringer.

By the way was it just me or did Vlad Guerrero look like Michael J. Fox competing in a Jenga tournament last night? Vlad made Brooks Conrad look like Ozzie Smith out there.



Just when you think the Notre Dame football program couldn't take any more hits comes this news about the tragic death of Declan Sullivan, a 20 year old Notre Dame student. Here is what Declan twittered before the 50 foot scissor lift tower collapsed:

In the first message, timestamped 3:22 p.m., Sullivan wrote, "Gust of wind up to 60mph well today will be fun at work... I guess I've lived long enough :-/."

The second message, which was sent at 4:06 p.m., less than an hour before his tragic fall at 4:50 p.m., reads, "Holy f*** holy f*** this is terrifying."

I don't know what really to say. I've heard conflicting stories about whether or not he should have been videotaping in the first place when the wind gusts were reaching 40-50 mph in South Bend. I'm not sure who's call it was and I hope people are not so quick to judge and persecute who's fault if any there was in this tragic incident. From what I've heard Declan was a well liked kid who loved Notre Dame football. He will be missed. R.I.P Declan Sullivan.

GAY-TOR Pro Combat Gear

Sorry for the short post, pretty busy at my regular job, but this was too much to pass up. GAY-tor Pro-Combat Jorts, get em while they're hot! This is too funny...

Check out the article at The Leather Helmet Blog ( which I find awesome by the way.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I'm already getting a serious chub just thinking about tonight's opening game of the World Series pitching matchup. Tim "The Freak" Lincecum vs. Cliff "I want all your free agent dollars bitches" Lee. The San Francisco Giants have never won a World Series. The Texas Rangers have never won a World Series. Which ever team wins game 1 will most likely win the Series. It's just a fact. I'm too lazy to look it up but I'm almost positive 70% of the time it works all the time. You know both Lincecum and Lee are going to be sick tonight. Both will be pitching lights out and making pitches bend in unimaginable ways to fool hitters in a cool San Francisco night.

My gut says the Giants win it tonight. Lincecum is money at home and the Giants don't have a black version of Krusty the Clown managing their team in between snorting lines off bathroom urinals. Sure the Giants have a walking, talking, hurling version of a grown up Mitch Kramer but at least he can throw wicked sliders that the Rangers bats won't touch. You know the old adage good pitching beats good hitting? Well it does for the most part and this series will be no different.

The Giants win in 6. They got better pitching and their bullpen has been great. They have just enough hitting to bang out some runs with Buster Posey, Aubrey Huff, and Cody "Babe Ruth" Ross driving in the majority. The Rangers will get some runs behind Josh Hamilton and some spectacular defensive plays from Elvis Andrus but it won't be enough.

Take the dog here. Giants. Pass the bong Lincecum.


Bosh put on a hell of a performance as Tall Justice in this clip. Too bad he didn't do the same thing last night on the hardcourt. Of course I'm the idiot who decided to bet on the Heat in Boston. I figured since they got the holy trinity and every media pundit has been telling me how unstoppable they would be this season that it would be easy money. Not so fast my friends! Somehow the old ass geriatric Celtics with Shaq, KG, Pierce and Ray Allen hitting everything with his eyes closed won the game decisively. The fucking trinity didn't help by absolutely stinking up the joint. Well at least the Lakers came back to win my moneyline bet. The only way I can force myself to watch the NBA regular season is by throwing money on the action. Clearly I need to stop.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Baltimore QB Joey Flacco is straight nailing the Guido look. The guy even has the perfect name already. I can only imagine how many people are going to dress up this year for Halloween as fucking Snooki or the Situation. It's going to be so overplayed and unoriginal that the person dressed up will be just like the characters from the MTV Show. An unoriginal douche.

That's why I'm going as Mark Zuckerberg. I already wear Gap (actually Old Navy, I can't afford Gap stuff) and I got the Jew nose down pretty well. And I do run my own website. I've also been sued. I might not have billions in Facebook stock but I do have thousands of unsold t-shirts. Surely they will go up in value like baseball cards have. Yep, Zuckerberg it is. Anybody else who dresses up like him is either a rich Silicon Valley prick or just copying my style.

Flacco image via TheBigLead via BaltimoreSun


Personally I got no fight in this pony show. I'm not a big NBA guy and I don't really care for Lebron James or the Miami Heat. I root for the Atlanta Hawks but it's not like I have season tickets or follow any teams like I do college football, MLB, NHL, and the NFL. In a way I can see why Lebron left Cleveland. It's a shithole that is cold the majority of the time. Most people who leave Ohio never come back. There's a good reason. Even Drew Carey hates the place now. Now Miami isn't my cup of tea either but it sure as hell is a much nicer place to live. It's not like he picked the Knicks or the Celtics. He decided to go South. Can't blame him. Plus he is getting paid a shitload of money to be on a team with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. Try not to pass it up. True he left Cleveland which was his adopted hometown (actually he's from Akron) and a city which embraced him as their own but the guy has been told since he started staring at girl's butts in middle school that he is the greatest thing to walk the earth. His Mom banged Delonte West for fuck's sake. He had to get out of Cleveland. He knows his legacy is nothing without titles and despite his greatest attempts while wearing a Cav's uni he wasn't going to get one. So now he is in Miami wear he can bang all the Latino's his heart desires and legitimately compete for NBA Titles. To me it doesn't matter other than the fact he chose not to play in Atlanta. I don't see why it matters unless you were or are a Cleveland, Miami or Lebron fan.

In conclusion we all knew the guy was a self appointed "King" so why do we even care to give him the attention he so deeply craves? Because a little piece of us all wants to be just like Lebron. It's fucking sick but it's true.

Monday, October 25, 2010



Auburn quarterback Cam Newton is now the clear frontrunner for the Heisman after running wild on a pretty good LSU defense on Saturday. While rushing for 217 yards and 2 TD's in a victory over the previously undefeated Bayou Bengals Auburn has now vaulted to the top of the BCS Rankings thanks to SuperCam. Newton also set the SEC record for rushing yards in a single season by a QB with three games still left on the schedule. This 49-yard romp showed both his power and elusiveness and his ability to put a team on his back and carry them to victory. Is there any doubt that if he was still a Florida Gator then Urban Meyer would still have them undefeated and poised to make a run for a National Title? I didn't think so.

Watch out college football. Cam is coming for you!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


UGA(-1) vs UK
This will be a huge letdown game for Kentucky after beating the Cocks last week at home. Georgia comes in riding high after demolishing Vandy and the Vols and should continue to put a shitload of points on the board. Murray makes a case for second team ALL-SEC.

DAWGS 33 vs Cats 24

Auburn vs LSU(+4.5)
Nobody can stop Camzilla. Nobody. Not even the great LSU defense.
Auburn 21 vs Bayou Bengals 17

Nebraska (-3) vs Oklahoma State
Taylor Martinez and the Nebraska offense looked awful last week. This week they will get their groove back and put a hurting on the Cowboys.
Huskers 28 vs Cowboys 7

Notre Dame(-6) vs Navy
Notre Dame keeps the momentum going and wins this rather easily. Cierre Wood and TJ Jones both have huge games and the Notre Dame defense "contains" Ricky Dobbs.
Notre Dame 31 vs Midshipman 17

Oklahoma(-6) vs Missouri
The Mizzou defense won't be able to stop the Sooners. This game will be over in the first half.
Sooners 42 vs Tigers 21

Wisconsin vs Iowa (-6.5)
Badgers had one of their biggest wins in their history last week when they beat the Buckeyes. Too bad this week they face an Iowa team that is better than the Buckeyes. Adrian Clayborn goes off on the Wisconsin offensive line.
Iowa 24 vs Badgers 10

Friday, October 22, 2010


"Even in the womb I was throwing touchdowns passes to my mama's placenta!" that is classic Brett Favre. Bravo to comedian Adam Ray for the sketch but I think he had the actual fake dong too big. Favre isn't packing anything over 5 inches. Kind of ruins it for me.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Week 8 is make or break across the country

I want this shirt... Matt... make it happen...
It's available at

Hey Blake, whoever you are, don't read this. My picks are awful and you are seriously breathing
too much of my good, clean air.

Matt suggested a while ago that I don't just pick, I pick against the spread, so Blake, if you are reading anyway, here's the picks including the spread from Vegas basis their numbers on my picks, just so you know. 21 - 8 through 7 weeks. Not too shabby I say. On to week 8.

UGA vs UK (UGA +1)
Last week was a hell of a debut for UGA VII. I'm not having any of this Big Bad Bruce b/s. He's UGA, get it right. UK will know by the end of the game. Derrick Locke isn't playing and though Randall Cobb dismantled South Carolina, let's face it, the Cocks were bound to repeat their yearly disappointment at some point. Aaron Murray has proven that he's a play maker and with a healthy offense, minus the suspended Caleb "Court Date" King, will be happy to go toe to toe with Mike Hartline and the Kentucky offense. The defense seems to finally be catching on to the 3-4 scheme and the Offensive Line and Defensive Line have done a good job of owning the trenches the last couple of weeks. Look for Kentucky to score, but not to score enough. Georgia covers the spread and racks up big yardage in the Blue Grass State.

DAWGS 48 vs Cats 28

Auburn vs LSU (Auburn +4.5)
I'm definitely not Auburn's biggest fan, but Cam Newton is the MVP of the first half of the season and Les Miles has been nothing short of lucky. At some point, the risks that Miles' takes and the mistakes that he makes will catch up to him. Saturday is that point. Cam Newton has been a freak all season. He's tall, athletic, with a unique blend of speed, athleticism, arm strength, and accuracy. The guy is talented, smart, and mature. He is the perfect fit for Gus Malzahn's offense and probably does a better job of playing "Tebow" than Tebow himself did. Auburn also has a stable or running backs, a hell of an offensive line, and one of the toughest defenses in the land. LSU is good, don't get me wrong, but they are having issues at QB, issues at WR, and issues inside of their coach's head. George Bush would make better game time decisions that Les Miles has done this year. Miles' won't get away with simply being lucky this week. Auburn will win, but take LSU in the spread.

War Eagle/Tigers/Plains Striders 17 vs Bayou Bengals 14

Nebraska vs Oklahoma State (Nebraska +3)
Oklahoma State hasn't lost, until this week. Mike Gundy may not want to ask the Corn Huskers to come after him because I'm not sure he's man enough to handle those corn fed, Midwest, men who play for a suddenly relevant Nebraska team. Bo Pelini has done a hell of a job turning the tradition that was into the tradition that is and he's found a hell of a QB in Taylor Martinez. OK State has had a good season and a great run under Mike Gundy, but every year they've seemed to slip up and this will be the week they do in 2010. Nebraska covers the spread and wins the game.

Huskers 27 vs Cowboys 21

Notre Dame vs Navy (Notre Dame +4)
The Fighting Irish are coming off of a win and learning the hang of Brian Kelly's offense a little more each week. Maybe Dayne Crist isn't the perfect QB for Kelly's offense, but he's got a very talented team around him and he's doing a great job of progressing each week. I don't know much about Navy, but I'm an Irish fan and my gut says the little Leprechauns pull one out.

Irish 21 vs Midshipman 13

Oklahoma vs Missouri (Oklahoma +6)
The Big 12 conference is having a great year. They are strong, top to bottom this year, reminding me of just how close they are to competing with the SEC for toughest conference. There are currently 6 ranked teams, 3 of which are undefeated, and the highest ranked of them is looking like a National Title contender week in and week out. Missouri is good, but not good enough. The Oklahoma ground game is ridiculous and Landry Jones has done an amazing job at running the offense. The Sooner D is looking great and while Missouri is undefeated, I'm not sure they've had any tough games before this week. Oklahoma stays undefeated and stays on the road to the title game in January.

Sooners 28 vs Tigers 17

Wisconsin vs Iowa (Iowa +6.5)
This may be the closest Top 25 game this week and is definitely the game that I'm looking forward to the most. While Iowa and Ricky Stanzi have had a great season and are favored in this game, John Clay is going to have something to say about who wins this week. The Badger's O-Line is good and Mr. Clay is good enough to run behind any line in the nation. I think Wisconsin enjoys the underdog role this week and wins another game that they are expected to lose.

Badgers 27 vs Hawkeyes 17


Lincecum vs. Halladay tonight...fuck yeah! With the Giants up 3-1 in the series they look to wrap it up tonight with "The Freak" taking on "Doctober." It's do or die time for the Phillies who need to get the bats going if they want to get back to Philly for a game 6. I got my money on Lincecum tonight. There is just something special about this Giants team. You know that good old fashioned feeling where you would do anything to bone her? Yeah I get that with the Giants.

Prediction: Giants 4 Phillies 2

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Not only do they cheat but they let you know about it. "HEY YOUS WAN'T DIS FUKIN BALL...THEN COMES UP HEARA AND GET IT YA FAT FUCK! FUGEDABOUTIT!!!!"

Image via TheBigLead

Praying for Isaiah...

If you haven't had the pleasure to see this guy play in person, check out the highlights of the #1 rated RB in HS football. I know everyone in the nation is praying for Isaiah, but the Dawg Nation should pray harder. It can't help. Seriously check this guy out!

Isaiah Crowell - Carver-Columbus RB #1


Saki Bombs Bro!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010


This was basically the one highlight in terms of the Falcons yesterday. Philly crushed Atlanta...again. Both Desean Jackson and Dunta Robinson left the game with concussions.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halfway Through... Picking Week 7

Photo courtesy of

We're halfway through the season and I'm not doing so bad. I'm 21 - 8 on the season and thinking hard about running the table the rest of the way. If only I could will my teams to win right? Thus far we've seen a great beginning to the season and though I'm not the happiest with my team's performance, I've been thrilled to see a lot of great game thus far and I'm looking forward to a great second half as well. This season will be extra special to me considering it's my son's first of many! This week, I'm going to start with my heart and proclaim UGA victors over Vanderbilt. Go Dawgs!!!

UGA vs. Vanderbilt
The Dawgs needed a win and they exploded in a big way. It's unfortunate that Athens' own Derek Dooley was the roadblock last week. The Dawgs debut a new UGA this week and hopefully hold their own during homecoming. Obviously you know I'm picking UGA over Vandy, but that's a given. What else would I do?!?!

UGA 31 Vandy 10

Ohio State vs Wisconsin
The road to the BCS National Championship was apparently clear for Ohio State but ESPN must have forgotten that Ohio State still has to play Wisconsin, Iowa, and Michigan. I think they have a much tougher road than say Boise State. I'm going to pick Wisconsin in the upset here. I think the Badgers have the D to beat the Suckeyes. If Ohio State doesn't fall here, the Hawkeyes and "Shoelace" will still be calling.

Wisconsin 17 Ohio State 14

Auburn vs Arkansas
The two best QBs in college football are going to have a shoot out and neither QB is in the Pac-10 of the Big 12. Cameron Newton, the 6'6 250 lb former Florida QB has all the tangibles and intangibles. He's a giant of a man and makes Jamarcus Russell's college game look like he was a middle school kid. I don't think there is a more valuable player to their team than Cam Newton and I think he has what it takes to lead Auburn to the SEC and National Championship, but Auburn is still waiting on a team to play around Newton. Mallett and the Razorbacks look good. The receiving corps around the 6'6 240 lb former Michigan QB is as good as it gets. This one is going to come down to who has the ball last. I think we are witnessing two future Pro Bowl QBs in the first of many battles of their careers, but this time I have a suspicion that Auburn is going to come out on top. I don't know where to cheer for the Tigers, War Eagles, or the Plainstriders, but I think the other team from Alabama has what it takes to tough out a shoot out.

Auburn 34 Arkansas 31

Iowa vs Michigan
"Shoelace" may lose more than his shoes against this tough Hawkeye D. Before last week, I would think he was automatic for 300 yards this week, but we know he's not Superman and we know the Hawkeyes are fast and strong. I'm just glad to know that the Little 11 is past a conference where only Michigan and Ohio State are relevant. Yes PsU fans, I forgot about you on purpose. You suck too.

Iowa 21 Michigan 14

Notre Dame vs Western Michigan
Notre Dame is going to win, period. Brian Kelly is looking good, Armando Allen will be a game time decision, but let's face it, he doesn't need to play for the Irish to win this one big. Tailer Jones going to ND over UGA still stings, but at least he picked a good school. Irish win it big.

ND 27 WMU 7

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Photo courtesy of University of Georgia Sports Communications

This Saturday before the homecoming game against Vandy in Sanford Stadium Georgia will introduce UGA VIII. His registered name is Big Bad Bruce and he is the great-great-great-great-great grandson of the original UGA. This is a dog or shall I say Dawg who doesn't have to lick his own balls. UGA Nation will do it for him.

For more info about UGA VIII check out


Typical Criminoles vs Convicts fight. The difference is both of these teams suck yet their fans still think they are badass. FSU and Miami haven't had relevant football programs for almost a decade. Pathetic. And fuck Jacory Harris. Besides those two big games he had against FSU and Georgia Tech to start off 2009 he has been terrible as a starting college quarterback. And yes, I am still pissed I bet on Miami to cover at home against FSU. They could have at least shown up and fought. Instead they looked like a bunch of pansies with Randy Shannon leading the way. How he still has a job and got an extension last year is just amazing!


We have reached the halfway point of the college football season. It's time to acknowledge some of the outstanding performances we have seen so far by coming up with our MIDSEASON ALL-AMERICAN TEAM. Feel free to argue in the comments section if you disagree. Don't be a pussy and piss and moan about it with others without voicing your opinion here. I'm going by the performances of this year alone. I'm not falling for the preseason hype.

Yes I know he didn't perform like fucking Superman last week against Sparty but he is still having the best overall season for a QB. He leads the nation in rushing and is 12th in passing efficiency. He's the most exciting player in college football.

James leads the nation in rushing yards per game and has the Ducks flying high right now. Hunter has been a straight up pimp for the Cowboys who are also undefeated.

Georgia WR AJ Green would have been on here if it wasn't for the stupid suspension. Jeffery was unbelievable last week in the huge upset over Bama. Blackmon leads the nation in receiving yards and TD catches.

Egnew is having a breakthrough season and since Kyle Rudolph is done for the season he gets the nod.

It's almost impossible for me to pick out individuals who have excelled this season on the offensive line so instead the most impressive line I have seen play this year is Nebraska. They open up some big holes for Taylor Martinez to run through and are a big reason why Nebraska has a chance of going undefeated this season.

Kerrigan is a beast who has a motor that never stops who leads the nation in tackles for loss. Bowers is a future top 5 NFL pick who despite double teams has 6 sacks.

Nevis is just another great LSU d-tackle who has 9 tackles for loss including 4 sacks. He was absolutely dominating last week against the Gators and is the main reason why LSU is still undefeated. Ironhead's kid has been double teamed and triple teamed all season but his presence on the line is a big reason why the Buckeyes defense is so dominant.

Kuechly has been sensational ever since his freshman season last year. He leads the nation in tackles and has 5 tackles for loss. Not too bad for a 3 star player from Cincy who was never recruited by Notre Dame. David on the other hand was a highly recruited player who came to Nebraska via community college.

Harvey may be short in stature but holy shit he is a great football player. He is always around the ball and reminds me a lot of Jessie Tuggle. Harvey is my only outside backer because I can't think of any others who have played great this season.

Peterson is the best defensive player in the country. Gilmore had two huge sacks against Bama.

The guy is a heat seeking bullet if you ask me.

Continues to make big plays for the Bama defense.

Walsh is about as automatic as you can get. Even from 50 plus yards.

Nobody boots it with as much trajectory, hang time, and distance as Santella.

Haven't lost a regular season game since 2007 and he wins all of his BCS Bowl games.


I'm not going to lie. This shit is kind of catchy. Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez is only a redshirt freshman but has taken over the QB position unexpectedly and in the process has earned the nickname "T-Magic." In five games he has led Nebraska to a 5-0 record while rushing for 737 yards and 12 touchdowns (leads the nation). Last Thursday night he ripped off 241 yards rushing against Kansas State on a national televised game on ESPN. It set a record for most rushing yards in a game for a Nebraska QB. The kid is basically white lightning. He finds a hole, any hole, and he is going the distance. He's going for speed. He's Taylor Martinez. He's simply "T-Magic."


Image courtesy of AP

Notre Dame received some bad news yesterday when it was revealed starting tight end and All-American candidate Kyle Rudolph has a torn hamstring that will require surgery. Immediately.

Losing Rudolph hurts. He's the best tight end in the country and is one of QB Dayne Crist's favorite targets. You can't just replace a 6'7 target who rips off 95 yard TD catches like Rudolph. But the Fighting Irish will have to have players step up.

One of the candidates to replace Rudolph are Tyler Eifert who is a sophomore and has been slowed down by a shoulder sprain this season. Eifert is 6'6 and has good hands but doesn't have the blocking skills of Rudolph. Senior Mike Ragone was expected to be the next budding superstar tight end when he was recruited by Charlie Weis to follow in the footsteps of Anthony Fasano and John Carlson. Knee injuries, an off-field incident and Rudolph has hampered his ability to see the field much in his career at ND. Now is his chance to step up. Also waiting in the wings is sophomore Jake Golic.

My prediction is Ragone steps up and takes advantage of this huge opportunity. Ragone has the speed and the skill to be an excellent choice to replace Rudy at the tight end position. He just needs more reps. He should get them and forget about the drop pass he had last week against Pitt. He knows now that if he messes up he will still be given a chance to see the field which I think will do wonders on his confidence.

Losing Rudy for the season hurts the Irish today but it might help them next season. Rudolph is the nation's premier tight end prospect and was expected to weigh an early entree decision into the NFL draft after his junior season. Now with the expected recovery time of 4-6 months from the hamstring surgery it appears it would be in his best interest to come back for his senior season and rehab while getting his degree.


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Only a day after the Braves were eliminated from the playoffs in which we watched Bobby Cox wave his final goodbye to the Atlanta home crowd after 25 seasons as "The Skipper" news broke yesterday that Fredi Gonzalez would be named his replacement starting tomorrow.

Fredi Gonzalez has been hired as the Braves' new manager and will be introduced at a news conference Thursday, two people familiar with the negotiations confirmed.

This comes as no surprise. Ever since Bobby Cox announced he would be retiring at the end of the 2010 season Gonzalez has been the rumored frontrunner. Gonzalez's dismissal from the Marlins in June only fueled the flames of change. Fredi seems to be the perfect choice to replace Bobby. He was the third base coach under Bobby from 2003-2006 after managing the Braves AAA club in Richmond. He got to experience the Atlanta clubhouse and the way things are run in the organization and has a pretty firm understanding of the culture. He also has the experience of coaching a MLB team in the Florida Marlins for 3 seasons before being fired. He was named the Sporting News Manager of the Year in 2008 after leading the Marlins to a winning record despite having baseball's lowest payroll. Fredi also has the support of veterans in the Braves clubhouse such as Chipper Jones, Tim Hudson, and Brian McCann.

Personally I think Fredi is a great choice to replace Bobby. The most logical choice too. The Braves still have a lot of pieces in the clubhouse coming back next season that are ready to compete for a division title. Fredi knows how to run a team and doesn't take shit from his players (example: benching Hanley Ramirez for not hustling) but still has the respect from the team as a whole. The Braves will have Huddy, Derek Lowe, Tommy Hanson, and Jair Jurrjens all in the rotation and if they can add some pieces to the lineup (Carl Crawford would be perfect, so would Jayson Werth) and get back a healthy Chipper Jones and Martin Prado along with the development of budding stars Jason Heyward and Freddie Freeman there is no reason why the Braves shouldn't compete for at least a Wild Card in 2011.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


In the sports world we can be a little cynical and sometimes over dramatize events at times when it comes to our coaches, players, and teams. Last night watching Bobby Cox manage his last game in a Braves uniform brought tears to my eyes. I'm 31 years old and am about to be a father for the first time and yet seeing Bobby tell the media during his farewell press conference how "proud" he was of his team fighting for him and to see him get choked up and not be able to hold back the tears was one of the most emotional moments I have witnessed in sports. Bobby is one of the great guys in baseball. He will be missed and besides Chuck Tanner he is the only manager I have ever seen coach the Atlanta Braves.

Carroll Rogers of the had this poignant and emotional story about the players feelings toward Bobby after losing 3-2 to the San Francisco Giants last night to be eliminated from the playoffs...

Just eight days earlier, the circle of lockers in the main section of the Braves clubhouse had been a champagne-soaked mess.

Braves players lathered in beer were dancing, jumping, screaming, even at one point toppling a table in celebration of clinching the National League wild card.

But when Braves players from the 2010 team think back to the moment they’ll remember most from the end of the season, the most poignant time spent in that locker room, chances are the room will look a lot different.

It’ll be brightly lit, clean, and completely quiet – the moment from Monday night, when each player was seated at his locker. The Braves had just lost 3-2 to the Giants to get knocked out of the playoffs in the division series, and Bobby Cox took the floor for the last time as their – or anyone’s – manager.

“I don’t think there was a guy in here who could swallow,” Braves outfielder Matt Diaz said. “We were holding [tears] back, and then he got choked up a little bit, and then it was over.”

Chipper Jones said Cox managed to get out maybe 10 words. He was simply telling his players he was proud of them. And that was as far as he could take it.

For the first time in the 20 years since Cox first drafted Jones No. 1 overall in 1990 as Braves general manager, Jones saw him cry.

“Bobby has always been pretty sure about what he’s going to say and he’s pretty matter of fact,” Jones said. “He couldn’t get it out.”

When Cox finally turned to go, to head down to the interview room for his postgame press conference, the Braves gave him a standing ovation.

“There wasn’t a dry eye in the place,” Jones said. “I don’t think I’ve cried in uniform since I was about 8. You spend as much time with Bobby as I have, it’s hard. He’s been a father figure to me; he’s been my only manager. It’s hard to swallow that this is going to be the last time.”

Jones has been a part of 12 playoff teams with the Braves. He thinks this one is special to Cox.

“I really think, out of all the teams, he’s got a soft spot in his heart for this club right here,” Jones said. “This club went above and beyond what was expected once the injury bug hit.”

Jones, Martin Prado, Kris Medlen, Jair Jurrjens, Eric O’Flaherty, Takashi Saito, and Billy Wagner all were lost to injury in the heat of the playoff run. Left standing, and maybe feeling the most emotion when it ended Monday, were players like Brooks Conrad.

A little more than 24 hours after his three errors at second base tarnished Game 4, Conrad’s emotions were still raw. Early Monday afternoon, Cox had sat down with Conrad and told him he was going to take him out of the lineup for Game 4, but that he supported him. On Monday afternoon Cox asked Braves fans, through the media, to do the same.

So when Conrad was asked about Cox late Monday night, it didn’t take long for the tears to come.

“I don’t think you see that a whole lot in this game,” Conrad said of Cox’s support. “It’s a cut-throat game. It can be brutal at times. And when you’ve got a guy backing you no matter what, it’s uh….”

Conrad paused. His eyes reddened. His bottom lip quivered.

“It’s pretty cool,” he continued. “He’s got every one of our backs no matter what. And…”

A full 10 seconds passed before Conrad could get out what he wanted to say next. It was what so many players had on their minds Monday night.

“I was proud to play for him,” he said.

I want to thank Bobby Cox aka "The Skipper" for all the fond memories he provided myself and my family and friends. Braves baseball is Bobby Cox. Without Bobby there would have never been the 14 straight division titles or the tomahawk chop. Before Bobby the Braves were a joke of a franchise. When I first moved to Atlanta I remember going to games when there was literally 2,000 die hards in the stands. Maybe. Bobby and General Manager John Schuerholz changed the losing culture. The Braves went from the outcast that nobody dared to acknowledge in Atlanta and blossomed them to the prom queen that everyone wants a piece of today. Bobby was there rooting on the team as was myself and my Dad when Sid Bream slid in safe at home. He made the decision to bat Francisco Cabrera and let Bream run the bases. Completely against what I thought was better judgement at the time as a 12 year old but you know what? It worked.

Bobby made the Braves work. His players loved playing for him and I have never heard one bad word about the guy from anybody who actually knows him. He's the most humble guy in baseball who cares more about the 25 guys in the clubhouse than getting a plaque or drawing attention to himself. He will be missed greatly. See you in Cooperstown Skipper!

Monday, October 11, 2010


According to Esquire "Parenthood" actress and Derek Jeter's soon-to-be wife Minka Kelly is the sexiest woman alive. Kelly is just another unbelievable notch in the Jeter belt. The Yankees shortstop and soon to be baseball free agent has conquered Victoria Secret's model Adriana Lima, actress Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel (probably at the same time), singer Mariah Carey, Vida Guerra, Jordana Brewster, Tyra Banks, Vanessa Minnillo, and supposedly Scarlett Johansson before "settling" for Minka Kelly. I can't hate the playa in Jeter or the game. Instead of getting married in his 20's he did what all ball players should do: play the field and don't tie yourself down. The lesson is if you are rich and famous and on the road most of the year why tie yourself down to one girl? It doesn't make sense. Good for Jeter but he's still an a-hole.


As you already know Braves rookie second baseman Brooks "Rawdog" Conrad has had a rather rough NLDS. His three errors yesterday helped along with Jason K-Ward and Bobby Cox's over-managing to hand pivotal game three over to the San Francisco Giants. So instead of berating Conrad and calling the J-K Kid a piece of excrement and questioning Cox taking out Kimbrel when nobody has hit the kid all fucking season I would rather present to you some options for second base tonight for the Atlanta Braves.

In picture form of course.

1)A Paperbag

2)Helen Keller

3)A blind squirrel

4)Chuck Knoblauch

5)Bill Buckner

Conrad needs to sit

Images courtesy of Curtis Compton and the AJC
I understand Bobby Cox is looking to instill confidence in his players. That hasn't changed from day one and I doubt it will change on his last day, but now isn't the time to take the stand by your man mentality. Cox has said repeatedly, he will pitch to situations, he proved last night to hit to situations when he announced Glaus as a pinch hitter, only to pinch hit Hinske for Glaus which led to the should have been game tying home run. Why is he not taking the same mentality to the field? To say that the Braves don't have a capable replacement is absurd. Diory Hernandez is sitting on the bench and has been touted as one of the best gloves in the minor leagues. He's not going to do much damage offensively, but he's a lead off type hitter and he will make the plays at 2nd, SS, or 3rd.

Don't get me wrong, if Bobby plays Conrad, I will be cheering him on, just like I will the entire team. Tonight is make or break. Bobby has been at the helm and has a lot more knowledge of the game than anyone writing for this blog, but you would think after 3 errors last night and 4 errors, one in each of the last regular season games. I'm with the team in saying the Braves simply wouldn't be in the game without Conrad to this point, but they wouldn't have been here without Glaus who has been benched in favor of Derrek Lee and rookie Freddie Freeman throughout the end of the season. Tonight, Glaus needs to play 3rd or Hernandez needs to play 2nd. Something has to give. If it doesn't, we may be witnessing the end of Bobby Cox's illustrious career and saying a premature goodbye to a true legend.

Images courtesy of Curtis Compton and the AJC

Regardless of who plays, let's all at least turn on TBS today to support our team. Go BRAVES!!!

Saturday, October 09, 2010


I just felt like posting Jenn Sterger's store boughts because I'm still fascinated by the Brett Favre desperation pass at her.

South Carolina vs. Alabama(-7.5)
Alabama gets another tough SEC game this week. Two weeks ago they survived against Arkansas. Last week they absolutely beat the shit out of Florida. This week they will own South Carolina. The Cocks have their best team under the Ole Ball Coach but it won't matter. Saban has Bama playing lights out right now. Mark Ingram will have a huge game.

Prediction: Bama 24 Cocks 10

Florida(-6.5) vs. LSU
Les Miles has to be the luckiest mother fucker since George Bush was in office. Seriously how does this guy pull the complete ineptitude he displays every Saturday "coaching" the sidelines and still come out victorious? It's gotta be because LSU is fucking loaded with talent. But guess what? So is Florida. They have the talent and their coaching is remarkably better than the White Hat. Florida will bounce back in a big way today.

Prediction: Gaytors 28 LSU 14

Miami(-6) vs. FSU
The Convicts vs Semenholes. Classic battle that can make you fall asleep at times. I still don't think these programs are anywhere near the elite programs they were in the 80's and 90's. Jacory Harris should have a good enough game to beat a rather pedestrian FSU defense.

Prediction: Miami 24 FSU 17

USC(+10) vs. Stanford
I never thought I would see the day when the Trojans are 10 point dogs against the Trees. It amazes me how fast and hard the Trojans have burst since the sanctions have come down. Even with USC down I think they play a spirited game with the Fighting Harbaughs. Andrew Luck will absolutely own the Trojans secondary.

Prediction: Stanford 45 USC 42

Michigan vs. Michigan State(+4.5)
Shoelace will have another spectacular day running around the Spartans defense but it won't be enough. Both teams come in undefeated but the Spartans have the better defense in my opinion. They won't contain Robinson but they will stop the rest of the team and the Michigan defense is horrible. Spartans will put a lot of points on the board.

Prediction: Sparty 42 Shoelace 35

UGA vs. Tennessee(+11.5)
How in the holy fuck is UGA nearly 2 TD's favorite against anybody right now? They can't even beat Miss State or Colorado. I know it's in Athens and the Vols are shit too but this game will be close. Take the Vols and the points.

Prediction: UGA 27 Vols 24

Notre Dame(-6.5) vs. Pitt
Pitt brings in their Pop Warner offense into South Bend in what should be a rout. This Pitt team is terrible. In the same way Boston College is fielding their worst team in decades and the Irish cruised despite not playing too well I see an early rout. The Fighting Irish will get the spread attack working a little more smoothly this week.

Prediction: ND 35 Pitt 17