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Saturday, December 15, 2007

It has been announced that the Padres have filled their vacant center field spot by aquiring Jim Edmonds and cash from the Cardinals for Minor League third baseman and St. Louis native son David Freese. This is obviously a salary dump in the eyes of the Cardinals and as a loyal fan I can't help but celebrate the move. I am already a fan of Mozeliak as he made up for one of Jocketty's few bad decisions when he signed Edmonds for 2 years and 19 mil last year. He obviously sees that if you have an opportunity to go young and cheap at a postion that you will be able to spend that money elsewhere to help your team. Let's be honest, Edmonds did not earn one cent of his contract last year.

Even though I am not high on Edmonds now, I do respect the player that he was in St. Louis. He was often thought of as being lax at times and a non leader in the club house. I believe the game just came very easy to him and he did have that Southern Cali flare to him. He put all questions of his leadership to rest when he led the Cards to the World Series Championship a couple of years ago. It was his idea of handing out a game ball to the series saver Ronnie Belliard against the Padres. After that game the practice of handing out gameballs continued throughout the playoffs and brought the team closer together.

When I think of Jim Edmonds as a Cardinal I remember his majestic home runs. The most important one being his extra inning game winning home run in game 6 of the NLCS against the Astros to force game 7. I also remember his effortless catches. The most important one being the one that I saw in person in game 7 of the NLCS against the Astros when he saved the series by robbing Brad Ausmus.

But I also realize that his skills have greatly diminished the past few years. Too many times St. Louis fans would rather keep the good guy rather then do what is best for the team. Showing the unselfish man that he is, Edmonds chose to waive his no trade clause even though he wanted to retire a Redbird because he knew it was best for the team.

Take care Jimmy in beautiful San Diego and I hope that you were able to teach the next great center fielder in St. Louis about how to be a true Redbird.