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Monday, December 10, 2007

The sad conclusion that is Michael Vick's life came to an apex today as he was sentenced to 23 months in federal pound him in the ass prison. Who would have thought a year ago that Marcus would be looked at as the good child in the family? Well, there he was holding and hugging his weaping mother as the sentence was called out today in court for his once superstar brother.

Now that Vick is gone for almost two years maybe now the Atlanta Falcons can move on and actually build a winning franchise without a felon leading the way. I've attended two Falcon games this year and I can say just by looking at the lack of notable players retired in the Falcon's Ring of Fame and also only 3 banners hanging without a single SuperBowl victory in their 40 plus years as a franchise that Vick isn't the reason why the Falcons suck. They suck because they have been a horrible run franchise forever and even since Arthur Blank bought them. They made a terrible decision in putting all their eggs in one basket with Vick and it has cost them.

Also it's time for the Falcons to fire GM Rich McKay. He has made so many bad personnel decisions during his time in Atlanta I'm not sure why people considered this guy as a viable replacement for NFL commissioner.

Anyways, Falcons fans pretty much reacted like this today when hearing of the Vick sentence....