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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Go Bravos!

Gotta give Matty Ice all the credit in the world, he called it on Facebook yesterday, Braves score 4 off of Strasburg. The kid is good, he's very very good, but as the Bravos proved last night, he's not Jesus, he is hittable, and he can lose. After 4 starts in the pros, the Strasburg for All Star team has got to stop. Like I said in a previous post, let the kid prove his worth. Uber talent is just that, uber talent. Granted, all 4 of his starts have been impressive, but you had to love how the Braves made him work, made him sweat, and proved that this season isn't a fluke. It's an absolute shame that despite Hudson throwing yet another gem, his performance is overshadowed by the disbelief that Strasburg actually looked... wait for it... wait for it... HUMAN! While South Park has nothing to do with the Braves or Tim Hudson, I couldn't resist... GO TIMMY! and GO BRAVOS!!!

UGA... Number 64?!?!?! Seriously WTF?!?!?

Ok, I admit, I'm biased. I believe UGA will run the table every year... Not really, but as UGA grad, I'm just throwing it out there. Even as a biased UGA grad who may literally bleed Red and Black year after year, who in their right mind could possibly even fathom ranking UGA, a perennial top 25 team, #64 out of 120 Football Bowl Subdivision teams?!?!?! Seriously... whatever the guy from the Orlando Sentinel is smoking should be handed out on every street corner. Somehow I suspect that whatever he's on, it is Orange and Blue and GAY-tor flavored. Check out Jeremy Fowler's article from the Orlando Sentinel here College Football 2010 Countdown: No. 64 Georgia. Try and figure out what he's smoking then pass some to the left please...