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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Colt's Eric Foster Has A Sore Ankle Today


Been there.

Experienced that.

The Colt's season just got a little tougher to handle. Peyton Manning's career is for all intended purposes done and now not only are you 0-4 but you have great guys like defensive lineman Eric Foster going down with flipper ankles. Just absolutely brutal.

Video via TheBigLead

My Top 10 Teams

1. LSU-I'm going to hold it against Les Miles for failing to cover the 3 pts against a shitty Kentucky team this week but if it happens again (Florida this week, cover the 14) then I will drop them to #2. Don't make me do it Mad Hatter.

2. Alabama-Bama has covered every spread this year and dominated in wins over Arkansas and Florida the past 2 weeks. I should probably have them #1 but it's Bama so fuck them.

3. Oklahoma-I'm still not sure what to think about the Sooners. Offensively they are great with Landry Jones but defensively I can't put them up there with LSU and Bama. They did win some big $$$ for me against FSU and if they can do it this week vs Texas I might consider bumping them up.

4. Stanford-Luck and the Cardinal are 4-0 against the spread this year. Why does it matter? Well every week I've bet on Luck and he's been nothing but it. Stanford is the best team nobody talks about because they play on the left coast. They should.

5. Wisconsin/Clemson (tied)-The Badgers have dominated so far and I'm probably underrating them. Clemson has won 3 straight vs ranked teams but they looked bad against Wofford. Both of these teams have a legit chance of going undefeated.

6. Boise State-All they do is win but I'm starting to think they aren't as good as they were the last 3 seasons. The offense has sputtered at times and the defense has given up some big plays. Plus they have not beaten the spread the last 2 weeks and I don't appreciate losing money when they should be blowing out teams.

7. Oklahoma State-I'm still kinda shocked they came back and beat Texas A&M but I shouldn't hold it against them. Offensively they might be the best in the nation. Defensively they are one of the worst. They will get exposed soon. Whatever the over/under is this week vs Kansas go with the over. Trust me.

8. Michigan-3 weeks later and I'm still fucking pissed Notre Dame choked in Ann Arbor. Everyone talks about Shoelace and for good reason but the Michigan defense is playing great under 1st year coordinator Greg Mattison. Right now they are 2nd in the nation in points against.

9. Georgia Tech-The triple option is impossible to stop. Unfortunately for Tech their defense can't stop shit. Next time Tech has the lead by 17 with less than 30 seconds left please take a fucking knee. It's called the victory formation Paul Johnson.

10. Texas-Chances they get completely exposed this week in the Red River Shootout are about 85%. The Longhorns are 4-0 but come on, do they really have a chance this week vs Oklahoma? I'm leaning to NO.